Digital Sport behind the scenes

We are so used to see sport on TV, to experience sport statistics on web sites, on our smart phones, tablets, to consume sport data in the news, that we don’t even think anymore about what is behind those compelling and informative captions appearing every now and then on our TV screens.

As viewers and fans are becoming more and more demanding, the stories around sport events are increasingly depending on data, which are getting sophisticated, complex, structured, but at the same time enabling different kinds of engagements for users on multiple platforms.
What people usually don’t know is that behind these stories and behind the data enabling them, there’s a number of people and technologies working in the shadow and making all of this possible.

At deltatre we are constantly challenging ourself to improve the way we support with our technologies and our people top sport events around the world. In particular, at the heart of our sport information technologies and services is a state-of-the-art Operation Center (OPC) located at our headquarters in Turin. This facility allows us to concentrate all our event related activities in a fully redundant infrastructure, with extensive connectivity and the ability to exchange video, audio and data in general with the rest of the world.

In complex information architectures, on-venue operations are becoming relevant and in most cases key to the successful delivery of the services we agreed to deliver. In this case we rely on our new “Digital Sport Production Units” which are bringing the OPC concept to a mobile dimension. deltatre’s power to innovate is becoming self evident having a look to these Digital OB Vans: now at their fourth generation, they raise the bar once more and bring to 16 the number of units deltatre owns and uses to deliver their services across Europe.

deltatre: at the heart of digital sport