deltatre awarded ISO9001 certification

deltatre London office has been awarded the ISO9001 certification, the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management.   The accreditation formalised the creation of an audited Quality Management System (QMS); the system incorporates best in business monitoring procedures entrenched in day to day operations into a system designed to measure and improve quality of product/service and quality of business process.

Certificate Number: FS 555218

deltatre London office’s Operations Director Chris Catling said, “We made a decision to apply for ISO9001 accreditation for a far deeper reasons that to tick a box and get the international stamp of approval to stick on the bottom of our tender documents. Our motivation was to formalise, document and define all business processes with the aim of continually improving them to strive for better results as a business.

Having a regular audit program of all our business processes ensures that teams responsible for each activity get together on a regular basis to ask the question: ‘Does this process fit our requirements for this area of the business?’ but more importantly ‘Is there anything we can do to improve this aspect of the business?’ 

We are extremely proud to be awarded the quality management certification as it is formal recognition of the importance deltatre places on maintaining the quality of our delivery and ensuring a high level of client satisfaction.  The QMS adds an additional level of measurement and monitoring which will only serve to enhance the successful delivery of all of our projects.”

The annual audit addresses every area of the business from checking employee appraisal processes, to how often the fire extinguishers are tested, to how each and every project follows a determined and documented methodology.

All service delivery issues and product non-conformities are recorded in a central database input via a deltatre built web interface and completed by the operations teams after each service delivery.  Managers are responsible for reviewing the log on a regular basis to understand problems, their severity and to monitor any repeating trends. Each issue has a corrective and or preventative action which managers validate regularly.

Third party certification bodies provide independent confirmation that organizations meet the requirements of ISO 9001. Over a million organisations worldwide are independently certified, firmly establishing ISO 9001 as the globally implemented standard for providing assurance about the ability to satisfy quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships.

For a detailed account of the ISO 9001 process at deltatre Media, please see Chris Catling’s blog “How do we as a business ensure quality?”

deltatre is proud to be ISO9001 accredited and will strive to maintain this certification.