Civolution and deltatre Create Next Generation In Sync Sports Platform

Industry-leading deal enhances the power of 2nd Screen sports offering
with Diva® Sports Platform and SyncNow® ACR functionality

June 13th 2013 – Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content, and sport digital and broadcast services market leader deltatre, announce that Civolution’s SyncNow ACR technology has been integrated into deltatre’s Diva platform to maximize viewer engagement even more efficiently through perfectly in-sync 2nd Screen offerings.

Diva, the world‘s leading video player, has been specifically developed for the online sports market. Diva’s combination of synchronized data, video and social integration allows fans to enjoy sport events on multiple devices like never before. Fans can control how they watch the event through an interface specifically designed for the sports community. This means that Rightsholders can satisfy the demand of their audiences whilst monetising their investment.

The integration with Civolution’s SyncNow delivers a whole new interactive sporting experience, extending deltatre’s Diva 2nd Screen synchronization to an unprecedented level. Civolution’s powerful audio watermarking technology enables real-time identification and frame accurate synchronization between broadcast, on-demand or recorded television content on main screen and interactive applications on companion devices (tablets, smart phones, laptops) to present compelling synchronized interactive user experiences.

“In this multiscreen and simulscreen TV universe our clients want to leverage the growing presence of sports content on the web. So we need to ensure that our solution is ahead of the competition; our integration with Civolution’s SyncNow means that we can provide perfectly in-sync 2nd Screen applications, which is a unique functionality for sports on the smartphone or tablet,” said Stefano Rigat, Director of Online Products, deltatre.

“The 2nd Screen enables sportscasters to generate additional revenues through advertisement, sponsorship and M-commerce opportunities. Just as important, we aim to use it as an engagement engine generating loyalty by complementing the sports action on the main TV screen. Civolution’s SyncNow solution enables us to do all of this more efficiently and accurately. Such a combined solution presents a mesmerizing range of possibilities in sports consumption: its smart architecture selects, synchronises and displays the users’ favorite sport contents on different devices, simultaneously and autonomously, increasing the fans’ engagement”, concludes Rigat.

“Split second timing is just as important on the 2nd screen as it is on the pitch, track or court,” said Jean-Michel Masson, SVP Watermarking Solutions, Civolution. “The sports video marketplace is an incredibly competitive environment, so we’re excited to help the Diva platform lead the pack in this fast-growing and changing space.”

About Civolution
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