Latest Usability testing opens up new frontiers for Diva

At deltatre we are all about connecting passions: from athletes to fans, with our flagship product Diva we can make this happen. At deltatre we are also fully dedicated to improving our products constantly, making them more usable and more valuable to end users. As Diva has created a new paradigm in the domain of video players, we wanted to understand users’ response thoroughly. The DVR functionality, the advanced timeline with markers and a new way to navigate videos, the fact that each live video becomes immediately available as a VOD, the play-by-play dual role as a storyteller and a navigation tool, the data overlays, are not features that are well known and digested by end users.

In order to properly investigate those aspects, and to avoid limiting our analysis to what we intuitively believe are great features, we decided to set up a Usability testing session and understand what really happens when users are in front of Diva, with a specific scientific approach.
10 testers in 2 dedicated laboratories and 2 product experts flying over to the British capital to join the deltatre London team: this is how we organised our testing session. The possibility for Diva’s Product Manager to verify directly user interactions with the video player and the collection of such data is an invaluable study and it will allow deltatre to deliver a future version of Diva that is enhanced, more intuitive and more powerful.

From right: Biagio Bartoli at the Interaction Lab in City University London.

The Interaction Lab in the City University London was the location of the testing which was completed after nearly a week of intense work and analysis. The Interaction Lab consists of two mirrored studios separated by a tinted glass. Being able to overlook the whole process and watch the testers in the adjacent room has allowed us to collect a multitude of invaluable data through the provided backend platform.

A group of 10 heterogeneous testers with different levels of sports engagement each underwent a 1.5 hours testing session. With the help of a facilitator from EXPERIENTIA, testers executed a series of articulated activities around technical and non-technical aspects of Diva. A questionnaire consisting of a variety of tasks targeted at the final user was also submitted during the examination to investigate the responsiveness to Diva’s standard and innovative functionalities. Assignments ranged from intuitive interactions (e.g. “change the video player view to full-screen and lower the volume”) to advanced ones.

The usability testing session proved to be well structured and satisfactory: additionally, it has given deltatre the opportunity to combine our data collection with the testing results, which will allow us to enhance Diva’s usability.