Diva – The Enhanced Version of The World’s Greatest Player

deltatre is pleased to announce the new release of Diva, its advanced sport video player.

Since Diva was launched onto the market in 2011, its cutting-edge features have been the choice of top rights-holders for the provision of a multi-platform coverage of global sporting events.

The new Diva 1.2 sees a compelling redesign of its graphic interface in addition to new features, which will allow a renewed smooth user-experience and leverage monetisation & ROI opportunities for rights-holders.

The following list encompasses a series of new features:

• Improved user experience
• New look-and-feel
• Advertising management extended to the mobile version (pre-rolls and post-rolls)
• Analytics extended to the mobile version
• Smartphone-optimized HTML sport overlays
• Enhanced Video QOS tracking (Conviva and Akamai)
• Entitlement check/login/pay-per-view support
• Available for Windows Phone 8

A new Diva 1.3 version is going to be released before the upcoming biggest football competition in Brazil and will feature, amongst other features, multi-angle and multi-stream views.

In this fast-evolving digital media landscape, deltatre’s Diva enables sport brands to connect with fans on multiple platforms generating a higher return on investment.

Get in touch with deltatre and find out more about the new Diva: