LeWeb 2013  –  The next 10 years

If I have to describe LeWeb 2013 in 1 word that word will be: FRICTIONLESS. As in “Creating services that eliminate friction for users to achieve what they want or need”.

That is the most interesting trend I have seen well represented at this year event (10th anniversary, by the way, so congratulations Loic and Geraldine LeMeur).

Use Uber as the best example and think how that may work in all other fields, make it easy for customer, and by doing that disrupt existing business, that because of monopolies or dominant position have sacrificed customer value for their own revenue.

This to me means design at the heart of everything we do. I want less, but beautifully designed.


The second trend is wearables and the internet of things again but more advanced than last year, with second generation devices and more use cases.


Must-see videos

Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) three mega trends: Burocracy disruptive by technology enabled networks, unbundling, mobile (again).

If you can only keep one device between your smartphone and your laptop/desktop, which one would you keep?


Ferran Adria’, a cook, a philosopher of food. Launching bullipedia in 2014.


Ramon De leon (@ramon_deleon) domino pizza social media wizard in the past, the strongest energy on stage.

Make sure what you put out on social media is relevant to customer.


Gary Vanyerchuck (@garyvee) as bold as ever, talking about how deep is more important than wide in engaging customers and more.

Go to 21:23 to see my question to Gary and his engaged reply.


Brian Solis (@briansolis) Solid innovation myth debunking, and the first second mover advantage.


Others notable presentation were from:

Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) and his book “Age of Context” great framework platform for the backend needs of mobile apps. Genius. I needed that since 3 years. Consider for payments too.

Carmine Gallo (@carminegallo) and how persuasive communication is crucial to make something out of your ideas.

Withings and their naked video.

Guy Kawasaki, a bit getting too relaxed but still valid.

The big guys: Mike Sippey VP Product at twitter, Chris Daniels product at facebook, Bradley Horowitz from Google. Hugo Barra from Xiaomi on China.


What is LeWeb?

In Paris, in December every year. (They also did London lately in June). Loic LeMeur created the event 10 years ago.

LeWeb unites people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, making it the ideal place to get inspired, build relationships, network and gather media exposure.