Maximising the value of your (digital) rights

How deltatre value proposition helps Sport Federations thrive under the evolution of the media landscape and leverage the new role their traditional stakeholders are now embracing.

There is no doubt that the last 5 years have seen a dramatic evolution of the media landscape on which Sport Federations and other entities in the sport business ecosystem have based their operating model.

There are three main changes that are impacting the traditional model which was adopted by most federations in the past.

The disruption of how sport is consumed with the central role of linear TV now augmented by the advent of multiple digital channels: websites and native apps on computers, tablet, smartphones, connected TVs and wearable devices.

The evolution of how the live coverage of sport events reaches fans: traditional media and broadcast channels are now complemented by the direct access of athletes, clubs, teams, brands to the audience through a wealth of social media channels.

The evolution of how live sport content is produced, both in terms of more sophisticated broadcast production but also in the way of a new form of 360 degrees storytelling is taking shape with content created natively for digital.

Sport Federations are, together with rights-holding broadcasters, deltatre’s core customer segments. We have the advantage to be working from both sides of the equation, and we use this to enhance the value we provide to both of them with a wider perspective and by better understanding mutual opportunities and challenges.

In my 25 years with the company I’ve seen the services and solutions we provide to our customer evolve from result system and broadcast graphics to internet websites, mobile apps, social channels and sophisticated digital video player and workflows to bring fans the most immersive and engaging experience.

What is the role of a Sport Federation in this engaging and challenging new era?

How can Sport Federations embrace digital, social, mobile to better serve their complex network of stakeholders?


Distinguish between Govern, Service and Inspire

Govern: by definition they are governing bodies with a specific set of stakeholders.
Service: they need to service those stakeholders to which they sell rights (broadcasters) or sponsorship (brands).
Inspire: they need to reach, engage and inspire their fans.

Some federations have already embraced this model; UEFA has lately spun off a specific “Govern” oriented portal under the URL as distinct from the “Inspire” portal and apps. While basing the ‘Service” offering on a set of so called “On-behalf-of” white label services to broadcasters.

Under the “Inspire” value proposition we recently launched the new Premier League’s Carlsberg Live Match Centre as an example of a centralized digital fully responsive website: “As the most watched and supported football league in the world, the Premier League endeavors to fully engage its global fan base in the match day experience. By blending live statistics, engaging editorial and social media connections, the new Carlsberg Live Match Centre captures the excitement of match day for fans regardless of where they are or how they follow” says Jim Irving – Commercial Director deltatre UK.


The right Broadcast and Digital, Mobile, Social mix

Sport Federations extract most of their revenues to sustain their sport through a combination of rights and sponsorship. They cannot directly leverage the content for which rights have been sold, but the combination of digital, mobile and social properties can enhance their positioning, generate additional revenues and service their fans worldwide.

deltatre’s vision and value proposition is based on a set of coordinated digital efforts including responsive websites, mobile apps, an engaging presence on key social channels (depending on location).

Should a federation go direct to consumer?

In our view, “reach” (reaching all fans everywhere on every platform) is the first objective that a sport federation should aim for, followed by “engagement” of fans, “retention” of loyal fans and “advocacy” of fans to other fans.

“There is no way back: fans want sport, sport needs reach, reach requires digital”

We strongly encourage all those federations that do not sell digital rights in all territories to provide access to their full content (including broadcast video) in those unsold territories. No fans should be left uncovered.

A great example is the work we are doing with European Tour through their website, mobile app and EuropeanTour TV digital video platform.

As Mark Lichtenhein, the European Tour’s Head of Television, Digital Media and Technology observes: “Meeting the expectations of our global fan base is extremely important and we wanted to find a mechanism to deliver our tournament highlights and extensive archive directly to our consumers.”


Digital Host Broadcasting

The concept of a host broadcaster is well known especially at top-tier events including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships and Olympic and Paralympic Games. Centralising production reduces costs, maintains quality and consistency of output and the pressure on right-holding broadcasters is reduced accordingly.

But as more content distribution moves digital, the space for innovation has widened.

deltatre introduces the concept of Digital Host Broadcaster to maximise the reach of quality live content to sports fans on any device, anywhere in the world. It is a profitable opportunity for Sport Federations to add value to the centralised services that right holders receive.

At deltatre we have a set of event based white-label productized solutions to service broadcasters directly or to be embedded as rate card services by the Sport Federations themselves.

These solutions provide modular components for the broadcasters to integrate into their existing offering or fully managed services.

We provide responsive websites, mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone for tablet and smartphones) through the deltatre Forge CMS offering and our sport LiveBlogging platform.

One of the most appealing offering is our enhanced video players with synchronised results data and commentary provided by the deltatre Diva product.

We also provide remote editing workflow to streamline the broadcaster efforts and enable massive production of digital and broadcast ready content at a fraction of the traditional cost and with impressive quick turnaround.

Similar services have been used to service broadcasters worldwide during the last 4 Olympic Games including the Sochi winter games.

As Ciarán Quinn, Chief Commercial Officer International at deltatre, observes: “We innovate. We bring new products and new technology to help our clients reach fans wherever they are in the world, and whenever they choose to connect to sport. deltatre is committed to helping audiences connect fully and interactively with their favorite sports as those that they may only watch every 4 years. We create pivotal applications for the major digital devices, including cutting-edge product designed specifically for the Olympic Games.”


This blog written by Carlo De Marchis has been published on SportsPro magazine. Click on the image to open the pdf.