Forge 2014 – the Independent Web CMS

Forge by deltatre is a fully-featured and highly capable web content management system (CMS) leveraged to deliver some of the world’s largest sport and event-time websites.

Following deltatre’s continuous search for innovation, ‘Forge 2014’ includes new user-friendly features and is specifically designed for clients who do not have the time or technical expertise, to manage their own sport website within complex development environments.

Forge 2014 combines deltatre’s accumulated business and technical knowledge with the ability to manage the challenging traffic peaks innate in live sport events. It grants users greater autonomy; reducing processing time by up to 50% thereby ultimately reducing costs.

A multi-platform solution, Forge 2014 comes with new features and benefits including:

• Independent Workflow: enhanced user ability to personalise web pages, including the layout, management and content positioning;

• Multi-Configuration: a single centralised configuration which automatically adapts to all scenarios (e.g. multi-language and multi-platform) thus reducing duplication;

• Menu Management: user autonomy in the management of the navigation menu; and

• Speed and Simplicity: reduction of inefficiencies during the development process;

Most recently chosen by the World Rowing Federation (FISA) , Union Cycliste International (UCI) and the Rugby Football Union (RFU) ; to discover more about Forge 2014, please email: