deltatre is amongst the first to embrace Tok.TV social button

At this year’s edition of Sportel Monaco, we held our first-ever sports-specific Startup Competition, where four startups who came from the USA, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands competed for the next big idea that would create the biggest impact in the sports business.

Amongst their ideas, we have discovered the ‘Social Button’ by Tok.TV and we decided to try integrating their SDK into our solutions.

deltatre has been amongst the first in the industry to embrace Tok.TV social button.

According to Emanuela Zaccone’s during the Startup competition, the Tok Social Button can transform sport apps into a convivial social hub, where fans can interact throughout the live game through a Social TV layer.

deltatre’s mission is to push innovation into our digital and mobile solutions, and to create the best live sport events experience for fans. This encourages us to search for the next emerging trends and to seek for new opportunities.