deltatre at IF Forum: How Big Data Can Have a Multi-Dimensional Impact On Your Sport

deltatre CPO Carlo De Marchis has stepped in Lausanne this week, close to the shore of Lake Geneva, where he was invited by SportsPro to speak on Big Data and its opportunities and challenges for sports at the 8th edition of the annual IF Forum.

Carlo’s presentation, ‘What you should know about Big Data – the next big thing’, has raised a great deal of interest amongst the crowd, dissecting the essentials that are behind Big Data, the value they create for athletes, the media and fans alike – when combined with technology and put into the right perspective.

The creation of smart data along with the provision of the right type of intelligence can create significant value whilst leading to a multi-dimensional evolution for sports and the ecosystem around them.

The video of Carlo’s case-study can be found below. SportsFeatures has also interviewed Carlo at the end of this presentation at the IF Forum, and the text can be read at this link.