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February 5, 2015

SportsPro – Ask the Experts

by Press Office

At the crossroad of sport, digital and broadcast a lot of lessons have been learned in 2014.

deltatre top experts in the field answered some questions about mobile and responsive websites, real-time content marketing and live sporting events on SportsPro magazine.

Mobile and responsive websites: do we really need them?

A lot has been said in the last years about the need for a full digital solution ranging from website for desktops, mobile website and mobile-native apps.

So do you really need a mobile version of your website if you already have a mobile app for iOS
and Android? As always there is not a unique right answer for everybody. Context matters. But in this case we should more and more consider the value of mobile websites as the destination of any links that start from email and content from social networks.

Fact: 60% to 80% of social consumption happens on mobile devices, hence your users will be most likely increasingly arrive to your website content on a smartphone or tablet.

Do you want to greet them with a non-optimized desktop version of content?

Obviously not! So it is now mandatory to have your website working on mobile. Whether you use a responsive or dual-website solution depends on your context. Responsive websites have shown an increase in user consumption of 30% on average, and I would recommend them in general. Good examples to get inspired: (responsive), (dual website solution).

Why and how does real-time content marketing work best around live events?

Top sporting events draw huge audiences to venues and broadcasts around the world. At the same time, many people are not able to watch live but will be eager to keep abreast of the big stories as they unfold. More and more they do so on social networks.

That’s your opportunity to leverage your editorial and content expertise to produce live storytelling that is relevant and fun for fans. Social Infographics are a particularly effective tool.

Photos on Facebook generate 200% more likes and shares than text posts and an Infographic, which adds additional data and context, is the most efficient way of getting a powerful message across in minimum time.

Your data, content and images archive can also relive and be relevant again as you connect the now to the past to create more compelling storytelling and add perspective.

Good examples to get inspired: UEFA Champions League on Facebook and Twitter, FC Bayern social.

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