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March 11, 2015

Sport Storytelling Reinvented

by Carlo De Marchis

Every time I am travelling and cannot watch my preferred sport event I go online on my smartphone, tablet or laptop and look for news, photos and video highlights if and when available.

That is ok-ish, but one thing is for sure, that is not enough.

In football, my granddad was a Torino AC (Toro) fan, my dad is a Toro fan, I am a Toro fan and my daughter is a Toro fan. Every time Toro plays and I cannot watch it, I have to call my dad and get the sense of the match from him; he is able to condense in less than two minutes what really happened, the key incidents with an emotional angle that I can’t find online. Much better than reading a long article in a small portion of a web page.

Shouldn’t any sport storytelling be giving us that same complete experience?

We at deltatre have been designing and building sport websites since 1994. Ever since content in the form of text (articles), photos (photo galleries) and videos (video players) have been aggregated with data and stats to recreate the match experience.

We have created the environment for talented journalists in various sport organisations to bring their content to fans. Fans would read an article, look at some photos, watch video highlights and then check match facts and statistics. Different formats in an interrupted experience.

As we are obsessed with making sport beautiful for fans, this did not seem a good editorial content strategy to us, and it is not an optimal user experience.

We thought we could do better than that; go beyond the article format and content type silos.

Sport Storytelling Reinvented

Starting from an incredible work of art that the New York Times put together for the Sochi Olympics about Ted Ligety (Alpine Ski) and from the single-page trend for websites, we started to experiment with mixing various content types in a unified user experience.

The advent of mobile apps like Steller and Storehouse confirmed that visual storytelling is a growing trend and that storytelling itself is at the heart of every modern content strategy. Publishing platforms are also emerging, like Medium (another creature of @ev: Evan Williams, blogger and Twitter founder) that focus on long/medium form writing and reading with the common focus of providing great user experiences for those tasks.

We imagined a new content format that could integrate text, photo, video and sport statistics to enable storytellers to create the most emotional, engaging stories in sport.

Our vision is to make this format available to journalists and publishing teams in a way that creating these amazing experiences becomes seamless with a very quick turnaround from concept to going live.

We call it SportTeller. Sport storytelling reinvented.

With a set of pre-designed general-purpose templates, additional sport specific templates and custom templates when required, we can enable storytellers to express their creative talent at their best. But beware the result is as good as your storytelling skills are.

Unlike other platforms that you may find online, the deltatre solution is fully focused on sport, with specific elements that make it a must-have for true fans.

A first live instance is now available as a complement to the amazing job is doing in bringing the emotions and actions of the Cricket World Cup to millions of Indian fans this month.

The New Zealand victory against Sri Lanka in one of the first matches of the tournament as told by the brilliant journalists with SportTeller

We are delivering the first version to selected customers and will make SportTeller available to the wider market later this year.

Please contact to know more.

About the author

Carlo De Marchis
Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Carlo De Marchis aka cdm is the Group Chief Product & Marketing Officer, responsible for Strategic Product and Technical guidance, active in Business Development and Strategic Clients sponsor.

Innovator, challenger, visionary, curious, passionate, assertive, early-adopter.

Known for his fanatical user-perspective attention to the quality and usability of what deltatre delivers to clients and end-users. He has started to work for deltatre in 1988 and has participated to every step of its impressive growth. An early adopter of the web, since 1994, he is now driving the company efforts around social media and multi-platform digital solutions introducing the Holistic User Experience concept.

Has experienced the highest level sport events worldwide under different point of views and has lately been focusing on the deltatre’s Olympic efforts.

He lately focused on achieving wider business culture attending an Executive MBA and various other higher education opportunities with HBS and FIU.

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