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July 6, 2015

Pioneering TV Graphics for SKY PerfecTV! [Case Study]

by Press Office

Choosing our Magma services for TV graphics, Japanese broadcaster Sky PerfecTV! attracts new subscribers and brings a new way of experiencing football in the Far East market.

TV graphics for SKY PerfecTV

It’s been almost ten years since Shunsuke Nakamura became the first ever Japanese player to score a goal in a Champions League game.

Since then, the coverage of European competitions has grown season by season and finally the time has come for fans in the Far East to take a step forward in football consumption.

This is why SKY PerfecTV! chose to display deltatre’s TV graphics services since the knockout phase of 2014-2015 UEFA Champion’s League®.

For the first time in Japanese television’s history, a fully virtual studio has been used to attract new subscribers and leverage football rights.

And other than a cost-effective, state-of-the-art studio, SKY PerfecTV! presenters and pundits could count on interactive touchscreens and augmented reality to enhance fans’ engagement, game after game.

At the signing of our deal, Koichi Morimoto, SKY Perfect JSAT General Manager of the Channel Operations Division, was very confident about the project:

“We are thrilled that deltatre’s technical knowledge and innovative solutions will give SKY Perfect a virtual studio, which is something that football in Japan has never had before. The many instant game graphics will enhance the physical studio set and cement the relationship with fans thanks to a revolutionary viewing experience.”

And this is exactly what happened.

Virtual studio

It’s the second leg of the round of 16. Barcelona is beating Man City, but on Twitter the buzz is not only about Messi or Agüero – at least in Japan. SKY PerfecTV!

UCL Twitter channel receives huge positive feedback about the virtual studio offering a new look and feel, something never seen before in the Japanese market. The before-and-after pic tweeted by the official broadcaster’s account says it all: cost reduction, scalability, and outstanding visual effect this kind of solution offers.

virtual studio SKY PerfecTV

Augmented reality

After building a welcoming innovative studio, we faced the challenge of filling it with valuable football content. Magma’s augmented reality features let us give even more visual consistency to the program branding, while offering the audience additional information.

SKY PerfecTV! therefore exploited its UEFA Champions League full rights in a beautiful, up-to-date way..

augmented reality SKY PerfecTV

Interactive touchscreen

Especially effective in the pre and post-match analysis, Magma’s Interactive Touchscreen helped SKY PerfecTV! hosts and experts on the way to quick and insightful content production, giving fans exactly what they need when they’re around a football match: hints to understand what is going to happen, data to understand what has just happened.

touchscreen SKY PerfectTV


Since the first appearance of Japanese players in the UCL, a lot has changed for football in the region. This season, no less than four players from Japan took part in the competition, helping top clubs make it through.

At the same rate of change the interest for European football grew in the Far East; and so too the number of fans who can now, finally, experience football in the ultimate way – before, during and after the match.

SKY PerfecTV! goals:

  • engaging customers
  • leveraging UEFA Champion’s League® full rights

deltatre‘s solution:

  • Magma (virtual studio, augmented reality, interactive touchscreen)


  • engaging
  • reusable
  • highly scalable


  • cost reduction
  • appeal to new subscribers
  • awareness as a pioneering broadcaster raised

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