Apple Latest: What It Means for Sport

Just had time to fully watch the latest Apple keynote event from San Francisco. Having read most of the comments and criticism, I just want to take a minute to review what I think could matter in terms of User Experience future developments for our business.

Apple TV and tvOS

“The future of TV is apps” is quite a bold statement but we saw it coming for some time. Eventually Apple enables developers to create TV apps which for deltatre means bringing Diva Everywhere on Apple TV.

The real revolution for us will be the tvOS App Store as I predicted in 2011 🙂

Having millions of developers now enabled to create apps that run on your TV can have a disruptive effect on the business. But you mostly need video content and in sport (especially in live sport) you need rights to show it and create meaningful apps.

That could still be a limit to the expansion, I may be wrong, but expect the big names to be the ones that take central stage at the start.

For sure, as MLB has shown us, it may not be the broadcaster to do it but the sport federation or league directly, but that is a whole other article to write.

The other aspect that I find game changing is the universal search or whatever they call it: you can search for something and then get it from whatever source it is available from (if in an agreement with Apple).

That will dramatically simplify access to content and increase consumption. Although I still have the problem of having to subscribe to multiple platforms, I do have Netflix, Hulu, HBO now.

My take: this can really revolutionise TV if developers understand the new paradigm properly.
deltatre move your ass and bring Diva Everywhere to Apple Tv and tvOS.

3d touch on new iPhone 6s

Amongst other new iPhone 6s features the 3D touch is the one that excited me the most. It opens a whole new array of possible interactions at various levels of the experience and for live sport this could be quite a big improvement.

The way it has been presented also hinted at a new paradigm of in-place consumption of content (similar to modal windows) that we need to evaluate once we can play with it.

On the other hand, it also makes on the other hand iOS development much more unique, so, developing for 3/4 platforms as we currently do, will become more expensive if we really want to leverage each platform to its best.

My take: start creating use cases and scenarios in sport apps for the 3D touch interactions, you can improve the user experience and make it more and more seamless, resulting in them using your sport app more and more.

iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

Not sure about the whole thing of a bigger iPad and how easy it will be to handle, need to try it. The new keyboard makes sense for productivity, even if I see the copycat effect.

The pencil if it really works with almost zero latency could be a dream come true for many, and may be necessary addition. I also think Jobs obsession against it was when others were using it as THE only input device instead of multi-touch.

My take: should we start creating apps for sport broadcast and digital back-office tasks that run natively on iPad Pro dramatically increasing productivity levels?