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October 30, 2015

How European Tour Quadrupled Reach With Storytelling [Case Study]

by Press Office

A whole new way to tell sport stories – blending video, pictures, stats and text – brings European Tour’s coverage of the BMW PGA Championship 2015 to an expanding audience.

ET SportTeller case study

May 24th 2015 – Wentworth Club
Virginia Water, Surrey, England.

Chris Wood’s 188 yards hole-in-one during the BMW PGA Championship 2015 wins him a brand new BMW i8.

This is a story that requires more than words…

EuropeanTour storytelling

It’s due to moments like this that we realised the sports media industry needed a new storytelling solution; one that allowed organisations to convey the true power of sport stories, beyond the confines of the traditional article.

Because of moments like this, we designed and developed SportTeller.

SportTeller: fan-engaging storytelling solution

Leading up to the BMW PGA Championship 2015, we worked with the European Tour to increase user engagement of their daily reports. The aim: a way to maximise the potential of one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, with fast-turnaround content production.

The result? Thanks to SportTeller’s sport specific slide templates, the client’s editorial team build four stories reporting the four days of the tournament, including powerful pictures, key moment videos, stats, tweets and quotes.

Taking the same amount of time spent writing a traditional article, European Tour has been able to offer fans a new interactive way to re-live the action. And such shareable content makes social networks the perfect distribution channel, exponentially growing the potential reach.

Quantity and quality analytics

Comparing 2015’s BMW PGA Championship’s Day in Numbers powered by SportTeller with the exact same content from last year presented as a traditional news article, we can see a fourfold increase in terms of reach; unique views quadrupled.

And, besides a broader audience in terms of quantity, if we look at most of the major golf tournament covered with SportTeller we record an enhanced user experience in terms of quality.

Taking time on page as a key metric, we see that users stay focused on the content for more than double the time they did before.

For every 1 minute people used to spend reading an article, they now spend 2:15 minutes interacting with a story made up of multiple kinds of media.

This leads to direct revenue potential, through custom advertising solutions that can be implemented into the slide templates and indirect monetisation, with people exposed to advertising content for longer than before.


Starting from the need to turn raw numbers into a visually appealing story, European Tour has been able to leverage its own content without investing more on editorial staff or complex technologies.

SportTeller’s easy to use back-end allowed the client’s editorial team to craft compelling stories within one hour of the end of each day’s play.

European Tour’s goals:

  • engaging fans
  • innovating storytelling

deltatre’s solution:


  • easy-to-use
  • visually stunning
  • highly shareable on social networks


  • 4x increased reach
  • 2x increased time-on-page
  • brand awareness

“We are always keen to explore innovative opportunities to grow the engagement with our global fan base and deliver the best possible consumer experience of the European Tour. deltatre’s SportTeller is one such innovation and provided us with an exciting, interactive platform to tell our stories and showcase our events in a whole new way.”
Roddy Williams, Head of News and Digital Media, European Tour

“Digital storytelling is an ever changing landscape. We’re delighted to be able to help the European Tour engage with fans in new and innovative manners and look forward to enhancing the experience of golf fans by enabling the delivery of first-class content”
Moe Hamdhaidari, Head of Online, deltatre UK

If you would like to find out more about SportTeller, please get in touch.


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