deltatre Celebrates its 30 Years in the Sport Business

Sports technology market leader deltatre announces its 30th business anniversary. Over three decades, the company has made worldwide strides with its innovative work across digital, broadcast and mobile media for sports.

Working on many of the world’s highest-profile competitive events, deltatre today is servicing major broadcasters, federations, leagues, brands, clubs and sports organisations globally – counting on its 13 branches located in 4 continents (Europe, Asia, America and Oceania), and an international 600+ people staff.

“The deltatre family has now turned 30 and has achieved a lot in a short space of time” – says Giampiero Rinaudo, CEO at deltatre – “It all comes down to being such sports fans ourselves, and having a natural commitment to what we do; and last but not least, hard work – it always pays off!”

With direct involvement in the delivery of over 40 disciplines, deltatre has won global recognition for best use of technology in the way audiences consume sport. Its pioneering solutions have been applied to the delivery of record-breaking major sporting events, including World and European top football competitions, and multisport winter and summer events.

“We like to look ahead, anticipate trends and pave the way for new opportunities” – adds Luca Marini, CEO at deltatre – “Our large deltatre family embraces the new challenges with the enthusiasm and creativity which has always been our defining feature.”

In the occasion of the company’s anniversary, deltatre launched a social media campaign spread through its business accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The 30 years milestone has been celebrated through the eyes of the human identity of the firm, unveiling a true passion for sports and technology.

With no trace of getting older, the company spirit keeps pursuing innovation.