Carlo De Marchis discusses business model evolution, new media potential

In an interview released to SVG Europe, deltatre’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Carlo De Marchis discussed the company’s strategy and plans for the immediate future.

The business model adopted by the company is now set on a virtuous path: “We continue to have a number of big clients – such as UEFA, FIFA and the Olympic Games – but the diversification has resulted in substantial growth in multiple sports” said De Marchis talking about a process that started back in 2010 and has strongly evolved the firm’s client portfolio.

Future trends and new market areas have been taken into analysis in the conversation as well.

Articulating on OTT services De Marchis said “the rights owners are looking carefully at this area and may not feel they are really delivering the full value at present. There are some broadcasters doing some brilliant work – for example, BT Sport is doing a great job with UEFA Champions League and is using deltatre services for the very successful BT Sport App.

The firm recently announced the opening of a new office in Tokyo and is targeting multiple new markets: “We have been and always will be a global company, but to date it is true that we have mostly been European-based. […] In the future, the Americas is one of the areas where we expect an expansion of our business, but more and more we are looking to Asia. There is a lot of sports growth there”.

While focusing on this summer’s major events, the company is also working on new innovative solutions: “What we call Digital Host Services that provides a layer of exclusive content in digital-ready format and digital and mobile solutions on top of the traditional host broadcast service. It’s a service concept that we are trying to expand beyond UEFA and the Olympic Games”.

Narrative-centric content will still play a major role in next strategy and product developments: “We want to play a role in making something that has cross-media appeal and which people really want to share – and therefore allow fans to really come onboard”.

Read the full interview on SVG Europe’s website.