When Customers Go Beyond our Design

Keeping the customer/client/user at the centre of all your Product and Marketing efforts is an obvious consideration that you can find in any marketing book, blog post, strategy etc… We almost got bored of hearing it.

Listening to customers is an integral part of any design process too and identifying their needs and aspirations is considered crucial for product success.

I am operating in the B2B business of sport media and our customers are big sport entities on both the rights-owners side (federations, leagues, clubs) and the rights-holders side (broadcasters, media companies, sponsors).

We invest a lot of effort in marketing the value of our products to customers in a way that, when they take them up, they can leverage maximum benefit.

But sometimes they surprise us. They go beyond what we have imagined and designed, they see opportunities we have not yet noticed.

Take the case of European Tour‘s website and apps. is integrating deltatre’s innovative storytelling product SportTeller.

They found a way to use it for purposes that were beyond what we designed it for, hence we are now starting an additional design thinking phase to learn from the experience and natively support these use cases.

In the example above, they are using one of the “‘slides” generated by the SportTeller story to share insights on social platforms, in a context quite unrelated to the original usage itself.

Another example is when they use a selection of images coming from different stories for a player-focused article, which gives a great visual impact to the storytelling.

In our ecosystem, being there constantly with customers, on the field, in the news room, at the event, is the best marketing investment you can make. As I used to say in the past, when I was spending a lot of time at sports events on the field, there is no better position than being alongside the client, inside the product when you want to innovate.

So what can I say… Bravo European Tour!