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March 2, 2016

3 Reasons Behind deltatre’s Move into Asia Pacific

by Carlo De Marchis

The sports business never stands still and one thing’s for certain – you’ll never succeed standing on the side-lines. That’s why we’ve made it our business to be at the heart of the action wherever in the world that might be.

Sport is a passion shared by the world and has become a truly international business. Major events are staged on every continent and the business of sports media is largely based on rights sold by territory.
Apac_mainThe development of deltatre since our launch 30 years ago has mirrored the development of the sports sector itself. Wherever there’s been a major event we have been right there and, as the economic map of the world had evolved, we’ve made sure we were there to serve exciting new markets. We have just opened offices in Japan, India, Singapore and Australia and now have China firmly in our sights.

So why are we turning our attention to the markets of Asia Pacific and why right now?

1. Following the business path

The majority of growth, and therefore business opportunity in the global sports market is in Asia and the eastward growth trajectory shows no sign of declining. This doesn’t only apply to those properties and events which are established on the international stage but formerly domestic properties which have reached market saturation at home and are now battling for mind share and revenue overseas. Many of those markets are in Asia.

US Pro sports leagues sees Asia as the next major opportunity and European football remains focused on winning new fans and opening new revenue streams in Asia.

With the Winter Olympic Games scheduled for 2018 in South Korea and the 2020 games to take place in Tokyo, sport’s focus on Asia is set to become more intense.

Asian markets have become the default growth path for global sports properties and deltatre has long recognised the need to be there on the ground, working with partners to ensure that properties, media and commercial sponsors are able to make the most of the opportunities they are developing by adding value to the sports experience at every turn.

2. The Asian digital opportunity

Asian markets offer an amazing opportunity to those working in digital technology. The region’s age profile is younger than that of Europe and North America and those young consumers have been quick not only to adopt digital technology but to expect more from it.

Asian markets are not constrained by the legacy of the past and the expectations of previous generations. They are hungry for new experiences, new ways of living their lives and new ways of getting the most from sport.

Our presence in Asia helps us to be closer to our clients and closer to the opportunities we can help them realise. Being on the ground helps us to work with clients to find innovative ways of applying our services and range of products to their individual and very specific requirements.

3. Embracing, understanding and
celebrating differences

Because we’ve been a truly international operation for three decades we have come to understand that every client and opportunity is different. Each needs an individual approach. We’re proud of our ability to understand the differences between markets and to work with clients to deliver services which meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Every client has a specific set of goals and objectives and we’ve demonstrated our ability to work successfully on behalf of a range of clients helping them build loyalty for their offerings and, critically, monetising their rights.

Our clients across the Asia-Pacific region include STAR Sports, Sky PerfecTV!, FOX Sports Asia, Catalyst Media, Data Stadium and SBS Australia. We’ve been able to work effectively because we have been right there, alongside them when it mattered to deliver a world-class service.

It’s an approach best summed up by my colleague Ciaran Quinn, deltatre’s Chief Commercial Officer: “We push the boundaries of technology to continue to offer the fans something new, different and, most importantly, something that works across all platforms. We know we can serve our clients best by providing local presence and look forward to a great future in these regions.”

If you would like to contact us in any of the regions to find out more about how deltatre could enhance your broadcast, your event, your digital rights opportunities, your website, app or your editorial offering, simply contact us at:

deltatre Japan:
deltatre India:
deltatre Singapore:
deltatre Australia:

About the author

Carlo De Marchis
Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Carlo De Marchis aka cdm is the Group Chief Product & Marketing Officer, responsible for Strategic Product and Technical guidance, active in Business Development and Strategic Clients sponsor.

Innovator, challenger, visionary, curious, passionate, assertive, early-adopter.

Known for his fanatical user-perspective attention to the quality and usability of what deltatre delivers to clients and end-users. He has started to work for deltatre in 1988 and has participated to every step of its impressive growth. An early adopter of the web, since 1994, he is now driving the company efforts around social media and multi-platform digital solutions introducing the Holistic User Experience concept.

Has experienced the highest level sport events worldwide under different point of views and has lately been focusing on the deltatre’s Olympic efforts.

He lately focused on achieving wider business culture attending an Executive MBA and various other higher education opportunities with HBS and FIU.

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