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July 25, 2016

A Non-Stop Flow of Sporting Magic

by Carlo De Marchis

The Olympic Games coverage: blending broadcast, digital and social channels to reach audiences 24/7 on multiple devices. 

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Something unique happened to football fans this June.

For an entire day and part of the night, football was constantly on. EURO 2016 matches were followed by Copa America that Saturday, with the stars aligning to give us hours of non-stop football. That was a one-of-a-kind event, that rarely happens to footy fans.

If you widen the angle up, though, what about sport fans in general? They live that kind of overwhelming sense of fulfillment once every four years, during the Summer Olympic Games.

17 days of non-stop live action, 42 different sports, more than 10,000 athletes – with the Paralympic Games following immediately after. Wow.

But, how do you see all this from a business perspective?
I see the most comprehensive content offering for the most engaged kind of target. All that remains to do for federations, broadcasters and sponsors is to master the media that connect their business targets with relevant content.

This year like never before, broadcast, digital and social channels will co-operate with the shared goal of keeping fans always connected, 24/7. But depending on who you are, you will have to balance the use of these media. With broadcast far from losing the major role it has always enjoyed, we will see it share the stage with digital and social media platforms predominantly on mobile – and not only as second screens.

At deltatre, since 2008, we’ve been helping major broadcasters in the planning of their Olympic Games’ coverage; 10 of them this year, including the host country broadcaster Globo. Putting together our consultancy and multi-sport services offering, we have supported each of our clients looking for the perfect mix; blending broadcast, digital and social media.

More than for other events, the Olympic Games need a full multi-platform coverage to fully exploit the richness of content and engage users throughout the day.

Now, August 2016 is finally here. Without doubt, we are going to ride that unique rollercoaster we love to ride every 4 years, enjoying a non-stop flow of sporting magic.

About the author

Carlo De Marchis
Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Carlo De Marchis aka cdm is the Group Chief Product & Marketing Officer, responsible for Strategic Product and Technical guidance, active in Business Development and Strategic Clients sponsor.

Innovator, challenger, visionary, curious, passionate, assertive, early-adopter.

Known for his fanatical user-perspective attention to the quality and usability of what deltatre delivers to clients and end-users. He has started to work for deltatre in 1988 and has participated to every step of its impressive growth. An early adopter of the web, since 1994, he is now driving the company efforts around social media and multi-platform digital solutions introducing the Holistic User Experience concept.

Has experienced the highest level sport events worldwide under different point of views and has lately been focusing on the deltatre’s Olympic efforts.

He lately focused on achieving wider business culture attending an Executive MBA and various other higher education opportunities with HBS and FIU.

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