Rio 2016: Gold, Silver, Bronze in the Sport Media Sector

As Rio prepares for the closing ceremony, I am here reflecting on who won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in our Sport Media sector.

I am not talking about specific publishers or broadcasters, but I am considering megatrends and major aspects that have influenced the coverage of the Games worldwide.

Disclaimer: I am considering what I was able to gather throughout the Games collecting data and info from multiple sources and experiencing the Games.

GOLD – Live streaming and OTT

We need to wait for the official data, when and if they will be shared, but it really seems that Live Streaming on digital platforms and OTT were the real winners worldwide at Rio this summer.

Significant increase in viewers, hours streamed and user engagement have been recorded in most countries, while on another note there are some signs of traditional linear TV getting hurt this time.

More than for any other sport event, the extra features offered to fans by a full digital coverage are paramount to properly follow the Games.

Being able to watch the action in high quality on every device, including the big screen; having access to all events whenever we have time to watch, if not really live; being properly informed on what is relevant in a precise moment based on our favourite team, athlete, hero or sport: all of this starts to make a difference.

Let’s see the stats but I am quite positive this will be the bigger game changer this time.

Silver – Social

There has been a lot of expectations on the first truly social Games and those have not been dismissed, even considering the strict approach to social control that IOC has imposed on non-sponsor brands.

It was great to follow a multitude of voices keep us updated on what was going on at the Games. As always, some key moments beyond the sport per-se have taken major focus on social, mostly positive events, one for all the two runners helping each other in the 5000 meters.

Have social media really moved a generation to watch the Olympic Games?
Has Snapchat brought the younger connected generation to the Games?

I am sure there has been progress, but I am not sure it has been the revolution we expected.
We need to wait for the official stats from Facebook/Instagram, Twitter etc.. to know exactly how it went.

Bronze – Google

What Google did this time has been amazing in terms of usability and access to information. Chapeau!
Just search and you have access to everything. Simpler than that.


It’s early to check how right I may be, so I will keep my eyes open on this week’s wealth of news and media releases from publishers, broadcasters and social media players with stats and numbers.

Agree / disagree? Let me know by commenting below.