Enhanced TV Graphics. One Man Up

Is there a game-changer in the sport broadcasting landscape?
Can you name the killer feature that gains you a tangible advantage over your competitors?

Probably not. But there is something which helps broadcasters and federations to secure brand consistency and exploit the wealth of live data generated during a sport event.

Sharing the studio space with presenters and pundits, enhanced TV graphics give you one more man on the pitch: offering additional information, making the studio set dynamic, reinforcing your brand.

Let’s take the Premier League as an example. The fresh, bold rebrand needed an equivalent in the TV graphics field. Something to bring consistency across the world whilst presenting data and information in a whole new way.

Our touchscreen, augmented reality and on-screen graphics deliver this for the league; creating centralised content, increasing brand visibility and maintaining quality through the broadcast output of their rights holders.

But there is much more when it comes to enhanced TV graphics. The Gesture Control System, to mention just one, is a new way for presenters to interact with the studio space. Used by STAR Sports in the coverage of the 2016 ICC World T20, this feature allowed the presenter to actually reach out and control the graphics. Simple hand gestures play and pause videos, pointing highlights elements within graphics – enabling presenters to analyse data and tell their story in a whole new way.

Both broadcasters and federations can maximise the value of their brand through on-screen, augmented reality, touchscreen and analysis graphics. deltatre is here to offer them the latest technology and design tools. We have been in the game for 30 years now – we know how to leverage that one man up.