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January 12, 2017

3 things for 2017 in digital sport

by Carlo De Marchis

As I consider 2017, this is what springs to mind …

Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things

Julie Andrews — The Sound of Music — 1965

Personally, (@therealCDM ) a few favourite things I would consider for digital sport in 2017 are:

1. OTT, OTT, OTT (live-streaming etc… #whateveryoucallit)
2. Immersive, VR, AR will make it or break it
3. Advertising and sponsorship changes are coming

1. OTT and live-streaming
I believe there will be a strong acceleration of OTT and live-streaming initiatives both on the media side and the rights-owners side (i.e. federations, leagues, clubs, players).

Mostly SVOD (funny name! i.e. subscription based) focus on frictionless, multi-platform, beyond-TV experiences.
We recently launched the global ATP platform TennisTV with the first live tournaments happening in Dubai and Chennai.
CDM-Probability = 100%

2. Immersive, VR, AR
With the evolution of VR players and hardware, 2017 will be the year where either Immersive/VR/AR will disappear as 3D did few years ago, or it will be adopted by fans.

We are continuing our VR immersive efforts with UEFA and other clients and have recently announced two key partnership with Nokia OZO and LiveLikeVR.
CDM-Probability = 0% or 100%

3. Advertising and sponsorship changes are coming
The world of advertising and sponsorship is undergoing profound changes and is very often obscure to most of us, even in the sport media business. Many re-organisations have happened in the companies that control this ecosystem, like WPP and Publicis, and are a sign of the change happening.
At the crossroad of data and marketing, there is a quite interesting opportunity.
CDM-Probability = 50%

Honourable mentions
eSports will for sure see huge acceleration in 2017 and become similar in certain ways to traditional sports on the media side.

Bots and voice interfaces will use sport as one of the key ways to promote the new form of UX.

Traditional TV will continue to slowly shrink but hopefully Nielsen and others will finally figure out how to track things properly. This year, debate on Olympics, NFL and Premier League has been ridiculous with no serious multi-platform aggregated stats.

I said nothing… have fun, if you are keen, in 2017

About the author

Carlo De Marchis
Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Carlo De Marchis aka cdm is the Group Chief Product & Marketing Officer, responsible for Strategic Product and Technical guidance, active in Business Development and Strategic Clients sponsor.

Innovator, challenger, visionary, curious, passionate, assertive, early-adopter.

Known for his fanatical user-perspective attention to the quality and usability of what deltatre delivers to clients and end-users. He has started to work for deltatre in 1988 and has participated to every step of its impressive growth. An early adopter of the web, since 1994, he is now driving the company efforts around social media and multi-platform digital solutions introducing the Holistic User Experience concept.

Has experienced the highest level sport events worldwide under different point of views and has lately been focusing on the deltatre’s Olympic efforts.

He lately focused on achieving wider business culture attending an Executive MBA and various other higher education opportunities with HBS and FIU.

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