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July 27, 2018

Deltatre’s Roberto Sciarretta on the ongoing convergence of media platforms

by Editorial Staff

Deltatre’s Business Development Director, Roberto Sciarretta, spoke to SVG Europe about the primary trends in TV broadcst, remote production and IP workflows, and convergence. Here is the big picture, depicting part of Deltatre’s focus on the debated, trending topic of converge of media platforms.

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TV broadcast and graphics

“Inside the broadcast domain, Deltatre provides official TV graphics for international sport events using the latest generation of MAGMA, its Graphic Engine that was completely re-developed for the recent World Cup. The engine supports native 4K in the formats 1080p, 1080i, UltraHD SDR, UHD and HDR.

“Some new features introduced in TV graphics include the goal trajectory in real-time with the integration of tracking data, providing the experience of a virtual camera, such as a spider-cam. Technologically speaking, MAGMA was developed using Unity, a 3D engine used in the gaming industry.

“Today, TV graphics require skills that go far beyond simple titling. For example, Augmented Reality, provided in television studios and competition venues, requires never-before-seen complexity. In Deltatre, although the content is extremely important, it is equally important to identify the correct distribution channels. This is particularly important with the new generation of users that are used to consuming the content with an increasing variety of different devices. […]

“The MAGMA 3D solution, previously [intended] for the broadcast domain only, has been completely re-engineered and merged with Unity in order to natively support any new emerging channel. This means that today, with a minimum effort, a television broadcast can be easily distributed through OTT channels with dedicated graphics [and the opportunity to adapt to different devices], such as mobile phones.”

Remote production and IP workflow

Deltatre is working with a wide range of clients and world class events, contributing – says SVG Europe – “to the remote operation of elements of the broadcast production. In addition to the centralisation of the unilateral and infotainment services at the IBC, part of the on-location production of matches was moved to the Deltatre Operation Center in Turin. The advantage of this kind of approach is a considerable reduction in cost and logistical complexity, but with an increase in the quality of the services provided. An operator within his or her shift can follow more events, and typically the processes at the HQ are more robust with the benefit of greater flexibility.” […]

Production convergence

Remote production, according to Roberto’s words, is considered as a transition, even though still fundamental, in order to reach a larger objective for the market, called “convergence”. This leads to the possibility of merging broadcast and online domains with the goal to remove any barriers.

“The first fundamental step is the full adoption of the IP workflow in replacement of the traditional SDI one. This should happen in two intermediate stages: first, the communication among the venues through fast fibre connections; and second, with the wiring of the arenas in order to make the whole infrastructure adaptable to any kind of event. […]

“At Deltatre convergence will make it possible, through IP workflow and virtualization, to provide the content in real-time at low cost in a way that can be adapted to any channel.”

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