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SportBites serves the needs of sport federations, leagues, clubs, broadcasters and media companies, offering an easy-to-use solution to quickly create sport infographics.

Its flexible templates facilitate a smooth integration in different scenarios, covering multiple concurrent outputs. With low management costs and reduced workload, SportBites maximises the value of the sport content you own.

In the blink of an eye

The data visualisation process runs in real-time, thanks to easy back-end and automated workflows. While the sport action is happening on venue, data is processed from multiple sources and delivered to the end user via social media, websites, apps or print. Editorial staff are enabled to quickly create assets and use them as PNG, HTML, GIF or BGP – with no need for additional graphic effort.

Give fans what they want

Sport fans are constantly looking for more content to satisfy their passion. SportBites offers an easy way to meet their needs with one of the most in-demand types of content: infographics. Visualisation of statistics about athletes, teams and competitions will reach audiences everywhere thanks to the multi-language functionality.


Fast-turnaround production
Seamless integration
Low management cost
Reduced workload

Powering storytelling

Whether your goal is to enhance visual storytelling with beautiful data or to power real-time coverage with visual data insights, SportBites serves you, integrating with deltatre’s storytelling solutions, SportTeller and LiveBlogging.


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