Deltatre at SportsPro OTT Summit on 28-29 November

Madrid hosts the 2018 edition of SportsPro OTT Summit. Deltatre's CPMO, Carlo De Marchis, is part of a prestigious lineup of speakers.


Deltatre is attending the 2018 edition of SportsPro OTT Summit, set to take place in Madrid on 28 and 29 November.

Carlo De Marchis, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, is part of the event's prestigious lineup of speakers and will take part in a panel on Wednesday, 28 November, titled "Planning the Platform Journey: From Concept to Development to Profit".

The panel will analyse the current picture of the OTT world, trying to find an answer to the most compelling questions. Moderated by Richard Broughton, Ampire Analysis' Research Director, the panel will also welcome mcujoo's Co-Founder and COO, Joao Presa, and Andrew Hall, Digital Product Director at ATP Media.

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