Do eSports fit the traditional Sport ecosystem? Carlo De Marchis elaborates on possible scenarios

The rise of electronic sports (also known as eSports) has reached a new peak: the world’s fastest-growing sport is live video gaming. Major sports federations and organisations all over the world have started to look at this phenomenon with increasing interest: the NBA is dedicating more and more attention (and resources) to their NBA 2K League, whilst the NFL is appointing its first Head of eSports.


SportsPro Live 2018: new sports media relationships and ecosystem begin to take clearer shape

The 2018 conference season kicked off in earnest this month, with SportsPro Live at the Excel in London amongst those. A very good event, with some great sessions featuring some of the sports business & tech industry’s leading voices and forward thinkers such as Daniel Marion (UEFA), Jean-Briac Perrette (Discovery), Mai Fyfield (Sky), Ben Gallop (BBC Sport), Matthew Roberts (F1), and Andrea Heyden (DFL Digital Sports).