Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Aka CDM, an ideas guy, innovator, challenger, curious, passionate, evangelist. Through the years, I have led many multi-million, multi-year contracts with strategic clients and been at the core of the company impressive growth.

I joined deltatre in 1988 with a technical background and immediately started to deep dive in the world of sports. Sports, Media, and technology where the bread and butter in those pioneer years, we were inside the events, with our clients. Involved in the golden circle of sports media rights, working for both ends of the equation: those who own rights and those who buy rights, and focused on maximising their value.

With a clear steer on innovation as a way to grow the company, I have moved my attention to the more strategic and creative part of our value proposition, shifting to a product-focused role which is now where I spend all my energies.

An early adopter of the web, now focusing on OTT, digital, social, mobile, AR/VR, the evolution of the beyond-TV experience, visual storytelling and direct-to-consumer marketing. I’ve travelled the world following top sport events including F1, Ski World Cup, Athletics, NFL, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup and the Olympics.

Unlock the potential. Push the limits. Inspire and be inspired.

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