Chief Financial Officer

As an applied mathematician, I believe in logic. Yet, I believe even more in ideas  that originate from creativity. I studied Economics, landing a first job as a scholarship holder in Applied Mathematics in Turin and then in Milan. The digital world remained unknown for a while, as I worked in finance for a number of global companies involved in chemical and mechanical engineering.

I believe the expertise I built in my early career represented a real added value when – in 2003 – I joined the Deltatre family. I have been involved in a variety of projects through these years, experiencing from the inside the (r)evolution of the digital world and technology in sports.

People and knowledge-management are crucial to the success of an enterprise. I believe in the importance of linking the growth of an organisation to the growth of those individuals who work with the same objectives. And my definition of investment: the ability to look at the future with a clear vision.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

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Having contributed to onboard great people.