Chief Operating Officer

Son of professors of maths and literature, I was born by the sea, in Brindisi. Nowadays, I live in Turin, on the opposite side of Italy, though this doesn’t quite resonate with my inner love for the sea and its charm. Uncertain whether to read a degree in psychology or law, I found myself playing around with a Commodore VIC20 in high school. At 18, however, I started publishing tech articles in national magazines: the IT world soon became my natural destination. Milan and a BsC in Computer Science marked my first step in the academic world, followed by a Global Executive MBA at SDA Bocconi.

I officially joined Deltatre in 2009, following several years spent working on consultancy projects and founding my own business. My history with this company, however, has an earlier beginning, and I am mostly proud of having contributed to the design of the first infrastructure for Forge, used by UEFA for the first time in 2001.

Working in a global organization like Deltatre as a COO is a challenging experience, stimulating and gratifying. I love working among people, I appreciate diversity and I cannot do without honesty and transparency. All values that, at Deltatre, are the norm.

Vision without execution is hallucination.

Thomas Edison

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My daughters, having contributed to their happiness, to a brilliant school career, to be curious and citizens of the world.