Chief Service Officer

As a Computer Science graduate, I started my career – back in 1981 – as a freelance developer in timing and data services for various Formula 1 races and the Alpine Ski events. Software engineering got more serious when I chose to move from GW-Basic and Assembler to much more challenging environments, such as PASCAL, ADA, C and C++. My journey started there first as a software developer with Ivrea, Santa Monica, Salem New Hampshire, the Boston area and Milan the main locations then back to Turin founding my own business and working as a Program Manager for Y2K projects and for some of the first B2B and B2C projects at FIAT as early adopter of the web.

Sports and technology have always been my inner passions so joining Deltatre in 2000 felt like a homecoming. I could start a new chapter after over almost 20 years spent on a number of challenges in both the ICT world and real life including some good rugby matches.

Since then I have played an active role in the growth of Deltatre, applying computer science, program management and all the expertise acquired in the years to sport, and being involved in most of the company’s successful projects. As a Chief Service Officer, I am part of a team that is supporting and managing the transition of Deltatre from a sport services company to becoming one of the world leaders in sport ICT solutions.

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Joining Deltatre when we were only a few tens and helping the company in its impressive growth through the years.