Chief Technology Officer

I used to play the bass in a band I put together with some friends back in the day. It was - more or less – when, still a student, I started working for BBC. Fun fact, and one of the things I am most proud of: one of our records as a band was played on BBC Radio 1 around that time! Besides being a music fan, I took the first steps in a career that soon made me face the intricacies of computer programming and software engineering.

Numerous project I worked on involved sports, including the Olympic Games, major international football tournaments, as well as Wimbledon’s tennis Championships and horse racing. The “.com boom”, however, approached fast, and at BBC I got to know more about the world of digital, as Head of Technology.

After a few projects working on the client side, I finally joined Deltatre in 2011, becoming its Group CTO, and witnessing an unstoppable digital evolution that keeps adding layers of complexity and specialism.

Don’t panic.

Douglas Adams

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My band having a single that was played on National BBC Radio 1.