Ben Myall


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: Senior Director, Corporate IT

Office: London, UK

Year joined Deltatre: 2005

Deltatre in three words: Family, pioneering, inclusion

Can you give us an intro to your background?

I was born in New Zealand, but when I was quite young I moved to Sydney. It was a bit unplanned but I went there and just fell in love with the city and didn’t go back. I lived in Sydney for 12 years and started working for the company.

I wanted to see more of Europe, so in 2011 I moved across to the London office. Then, it was a handful of people, but it’s significantly larger now.

What is a ‘standard’ day in your life?

It is quite hard to define what I'm doing because in my role, I need to adapt constantly to the changes that are going on. Some core principles stay the same, though, like ensuring continual uptime of our systems.

Downtime means lost productivity, so it's very important to ensure everything, from our email systems, to our development systems, to our build and run systems, stays up.

One of the other main aspects is exploring new technologies to make sure that the tools we use are always the latest and the best, and the right ones for the company as well.

What's changed since you joined the company?

The company has become a multinational corporation. The technologies we use and the products we sell have also changed numerous times. It's been quite the journey!

Has your role itself changed over the years?

The reality is, what I do, and what we're doing as a company, changes all the time. If you have energy and are passionate about it, it’s the perfect situation to be in because it's a job where you get to learn on the go, which is fantastic.

Having worked in multiple offices with different technologies over the years means I’ve had lots of learning opportunities.

Has anything stayed the same at the company?

There's always been a strong sense of community and culture within the company. As we grow, the company changes and evolves, but the core principle; the fact you come into work and enjoy working with the people you’re dealing with, is still there.

Also, there’s another aspect of just being yourself which comes from a diversity and inclusion aspect.

How big is your team?

So I started on my own, and then as we grew I hired one person. There are about twenty people at the moment, and I am proud to say that no-one who’s joined the company in my team has left.

One person transitioned to a similar role, but otherwise, everyone else has stayed in the team. It's been nice being able to grow a team.

Why do you think people stay?

When I started, the CEO always taught me to be who I was and encouraged a great culture and I tried to follow on that principle as well. It's a very flat structure with open communications between each other and the team. We don't just work together, we’re social and see each other outside of work as well.

Do you use any exciting technologies?

It's not about specific technologies. It's about the fact that the company is open to learning and discovering new technologies all the time, and you can implement that change and make it happen fast.


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