Gilles Mas

  • Video Experiences

    Deltatre has innovation stitched into its DNA. As an innovator, this is a fantastic playground for me

    Gilles Mas

    • Video Experiences

      President of Video Experiences at Deltatre. Innovation, agility, creativity – and not being fearful of disruption are constants in Gilles’ career. “In my view,” he says, “change – good or bad – is rarely something to fear.”

      A self-confessed “tech-man,” Gilles completed a Computing degree in the UK before launching his career in the digital space in 1994. Eight years later, he took a position at UEFA, where he climbed the ranks from Project Manager to Head of Digital.

      During that time, many of the disruptions in the world of sport were digital-related – an environment that provided him with ample opportunity to hone his craft.

      Joining Deltatre in 2013, Gilles has proven himself in various leadership roles including Managing Director International Football, President Global Football, and LIVE Division | President.

      In 2020, Gilles became President | Video Experiences, where he is now responsible for delivering cutting-edge OTT products and services for many of the best-known names within the sport and entertainment industries. Deltatre is the largest independent OTT solution provider in the world.

      A successful and respected sport and media leader, he has extensive experience in the field as well as substantial relationships with the senior leaders and experts in the company’s Video Experiences unit.

      “Deltatre has innovation stitched into its DNA,” he says. “As an innovator, this is a fantastic playground for me.” It’s often why, he says, business plans can only peer a couple of years into the future rather than further ahead.

      His gravitation towards unknown climes isn’t unique to his professional life, as outside of work he can often be found trekking, backpacking, and adventure biking.

      He also has two young daughters – “they are my biggest life achievement,” he says. “It’s really the most transformative experience I’ve ever lived, they’ve made me the happiest man on the whole planet.”

      Deltatre has innovation stitched into its DNA. As an innovator, this is a fantastic playground for me


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