Giuseppe Capella

  • Procurement

    Giuseppe Capella

    • Procurement

      Giuseppe started working with Deltatre as Director of Business Operations and Development in 2001. A Computer Science graduate passionate about sports and technology, he began his career in the sport industry in 1981 working in timing and data services for the Alpine Ski World Cup and Formula 1 races.

      Over the years, he has taken on various roles at the company including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Service Officer. He joined the leadership team in 2010. 

      Today, as Chief Procurement Officer, he supports global sport and entertainment projects with activities including contracting services, the purchase of supplies, software, and equipment, as well as the provision of  third party technical resources and developers.

      As a leader, he would like to be known as competent, trustworthy, fair, friendly, and empathic.


      Key Stats


      Olympics games contributed to, from Beijing 2008 to Rio 2016


      Word and pdf documents opened per year (plus 3K Excel documents)


      Apps used per week on average


      Non West European countries visited – and touched all the continents excluding Antarctica