Jason Bradwell

  • Marketing

    Jason Bradwell

    • Marketing

      Senior Director, Product Marketing and Communications at Deltatre. Jason is responsible for defining Deltatre’s global product marketing and communication strategy, which involves educating the market about the company, its products and services, and the value it provides for clients. Leading a team of marketing specialists based across the globe, he is responsible for implementing a sophisticated communications programme that has seen Deltatre recognized as one of the ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’.

      Since joining Deltatre in 2018, Jason has boosted the amount of high-quality value-rich content produced across Deltatre’s many channels. He works closely with sales and product teams to articulate the company’s value proposition to the market, increasing its presence in national and international media.

      Having cut his teeth as a research and marketing analyst for a leading media consultancy, Jason has since gone on to lead marketing teams across both sport and technology businesses. He brings a fresh perspective on how to approach B2B marketing, understanding the importance of having a unique voice in a crowded market.

      As a business leader, he would like to be known as compassionate, dedicated, loyal to his team and colleagues, and able to work pragmatically through any situation.

      In his downtime, he enjoys cooking, brewing beer, and playing peek-a-boo with his young daughter.


      Key Stats


      pieces of unique press coverage since joining Deltatre


      awards from semi-professional dodgeball career




      longest distance cycled in one (painful) sitting