Richard Mills

  • EMEA | Strategy & Design

    Richard Mills

    • EMEA | Strategy & Design

      Director of Strategy & Design for EMEA at Deltatre. A true advocate of design thinking, Rich leads cross-functional teams to ensure creative excellence is always at the heart of the company's work within the sport and entertainment industries.

      He helps clients navigate ways in which design can add true value to their business and is accountable for topics including business development, resourcing, and delivery. 

      Since he joined in 2019, he has been instrumental in shaping Deltatre's global design studio, building and developing the company’s unique culture, and working with the team to consistently deliver best in class design.

      He is driven by working alongside the industry's best and brightest people to create products and services that enrich people’s lives every day. 

      In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, cooking, reading, watching 80s films, and doing DIY projects.


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