ATP World Tour tennis TV
Create the ultimate tennis streaming service

The challenge: to redesign and relaunch Tennis TV – ATP Media’s direct to consumer platform. This subscription service streams more than 2,000 ATP World Tour matches a year.

The ambition was to create the ultimate tennis streaming service, delivering live and on demand matches at the highest quality. Accessible on all major consumer devices to tennis fans worldwide.

A delightful user experience

We super-served tennis fans by providing a delightful user experience. The look and feel is inspired by traditional TV, with content organised in channels.

Fans can flick between the channels: Live, Replay, Classic, Players and more. This simple navigation model works across all the different devices, no matter if you want to watch Tennis TV on a mobile device or via an Xbox.

Fans primarily subscribe to Tennis TV for live matches, so the live channel appears on app open, with an editorially chosen match deemed to be the most interesting match at that moment in time. One tap or click and it’s on.

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We were determined to make payment as easy as possible. We added support for multiple payment methods, from PayPal to native payment such as Apple Pay. We made it possible for ATP to use individual market pricing and added a “self-help” feature for subscribers to update their payment details themselves.

We also made the editors’ lives easier with rich editorial control through our propriety Content Management System: Forge. We designed a streamlined live to replay workflow and created a suit of analytics tools to help make editorial choices.

We built a modern, bespoke OTT platform for Tennis TV, which uses a distributed and scalable microservice architecture, operated in the cloud, to enable reliable streaming to fans across the world.

Taking Tennis TV to the next level

Tennis TV now runs on 11 platforms and counting: web, mobile and all connected TV platforms such as Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, PlayStation, Xbox.

Deltatre provides HD streaming, integrated stats & data, multi-court coverage and a wide-ranging classic match archive.

We’ve very proud of the great feedback tennis fans across the world has given us.

This is a significant step forward to present tennis in new and meaningful ways to our fans. It is important for ATP Media to take Tennis TV to the next level to capitalise on the latest viewing trends of streaming media and OTT consumption. With the help of our new partner Deltatre – and their great tradition in sports innovation – we are in an excellent position to expand the global footprint of tennis further.

Stuart Watts

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