Channel 4 Rio 2016
The Challenge

Our work with Channel 4 started in 2011 in advance of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Both summer and winter Paralympics have become key Events for Channel 4 and the 2016 edition in Rio de Janeiro was the perfect opportunity for our partners to provide the biggest ever coverage of a Paralympic Games.

The challenge: create the feeling that the 2016 Paralympics was the main sports event of the year.

We aimed to re-energise viewers of previous Paralympics and work in increasing the number of viewers further. Main targets were the traditional Channel 4 audience, sports and Paralympics fans, as well as those “new fans” attracted by Channel 4 with their coverage in 2012.

A maximised digital experience

Our Strategy was to maximise the digital experience using a video-centric approach, by serving live videos, VOD, full catch-up and short-form clips within the wireframe of a fully responsive website.

The website was designed with all the needs of users with disabilities in mind. We worked on the optimisation of key parts such as navigation, colour contrasts, fonts, video player, and short cut keys.

Every frame of available live coverage from Rio was streamed with Deltatre acquiring and encoding up to 10 concurrent live streams for Channel 4, plus the C4 TV simulcast. The live streams were then immediately available as VOD. An innovative new section of the site, named “The Glory Wall”, highlighted the achievements of all 147 medal winners from Paralympics GB, focusing on the athletes’ passion and achievements.

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Simultaneously, all the action was ingested into our Cloud Editing platform, where fast-turnaround short-form clips and packages were created for Social Media Channels, bitesize and shareable.

In short, we gave the Channel 4 audience the power to watch the content they wished to watch, when and where they wanted to watch it. Live, Catch up or Highlights on the Channel 4 website, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Outstanding results

Over 800 hours of live streaming were provided by Deltatre to Channel 4’s digital platforms. On Channel4.com alone, over 1 million total video views were recorded during the Games, with a total tally of 60 million video views across all platforms.

Channel 4 could not be more proud to be the official broadcaster once again. Our continued work with Deltatre means they truly understand our passion and vision for the Paralympics, and help us convey this across all our digital output.

James Rutherford

Commissioning Editor Sport, Off-Peak & Multiplatform, Channel 4
Key Numbers
Concurrent live streams
Hours of streamed content in the UK
Millions of video views across all platforms