Sony 03
A new benchmark in Indian broadcast design

With the acquisition of Ten Sports, Sony grew its portfolio to 11 sports channels. Along with this investment Sony planned to open a state of the art studio production facility in Mumbai.

The challenge: virtual sets and on-air graphics needed to be created in record time, for an incredibly wide range of sports. Moreover, Sony also had the ambition to redefine the viewing experience for sports fans in the Indian subcontinent, aiming for a futuristic and international look and feel.

High quality delivery in record time

Deltatre designed and produced virtual set and on-air graphics, incorporating graphic elements specific to a sport. For example: WWE graphics were enhanced with a “grungy” feel; NBA studio show graphics used court texturing.

The first virtual set and on-air graphics pack went from sign-off to live TV in under 3 months. The virtual set for NBA was delivered in only 15 days.

Deltatre created interactive virtual studios featuring data-rich augmented reality graphics for football, basketball, cricket, athletics, motor and combat sports.

In addition, we provide operational support: training Sony operators, on-going design implementations and the supervision of the studio graphics infrastructure.

Flexible and futuristic design 

We brought all the different sports together with a glossy, futuristic and consistent design.

The virtual sets we created made it possible for Sony to use the same studio for many different sports, transforming their limited studio space into an unlimited playground—big and spacious on-air.

Deltatre helped Sony set a new benchmark in Indian broadcast design.