Transform an existing sports platform into the biggest sports content hub in Germany

The challenge at the core of the Sportbuzzer.de project was the redesign of an existing sports platform within Madsack’s media ecosystem, main port of call for football fans who are looking for coverage from regional amateur competitions to the top sides at professional levels.

Main goal – along Madsack’s expansion, both geographically and content-wise – was to stimulate the growth of the platform in terms of reach and engagement. Sportbuzzer was to be restructured in order to encompass multiple sports and let a wide range of users (journalists, editors and fans) manage its content through the collation of vast amount of data and stats. Not to mention the curation of national and regional editorial content with the same level of detail.

13 regional platforms merged into a SEO-oriented unique solution

The migration of 13 existing regional platforms into one central place was the solution proposed to the client. The initial concerns on the workflow were overcome by a general cut down on duplicate content and accounts when directing the traffic to the new universal platform.

The approach brought Sportbuzzer.de to conform to a number of SEO practices – including automated tagging – in order to allow the editoral force to unfold, and to implement user generate content. The weapon of choice, in order to achieve and implement all of the above, was Forge. A bespoke solution was created in tandem with the existing platform, overcoming the challenge of having 300 editors using the backend at the same time.

Deltatre’s CMS, in fact, represented the ideal landscape to craft a unique and usable workflow for content directly generated by users (migration of over 100.000 articles for the initial launch; over 3.000 single articles published weekly) and a wide range of sports data (coming from 1.600 competitions and over 15.000 clubs), keeping regional news and national stories aligned in terms of quality and effectiveness.

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The integration of further components, such as deltatre’s LiveBlogging, the provision of a backend for Forge fully in German, as well as the sports data integration between Deltatre AG and Sportmedia (DFB) are among a number of other implementations which include advertising services provided by external suppliers.

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Content is king, for a constantly growing sports platform with an eye on the future

Sportbuzzer.de can be deemed as a very successful project. The challenge to increase the reach and engagement levels of the platform was measurable by the 1.400% growth in Google Traffic between August 2016 and June 2018. Visits per month grew from 1,41m in 2016 to 8,01m in July 2018 (+468%), whereas the impressions (including images in pictures galleries) were 36,77m as of July 2018, +945% if compared to figures in late 2016.

The platform became the fastest growing sports portal in Germany for 2017 and a considerable increase in Google/SEO rankings made Sportbuzzer.de a national source of information, beyond the core of Madsack regions.

This is just the beginning, because the platform can continue its expansion, both geographically and by sport, growing further its community of fans who are contributing to the portal, a number of whom became regional editors.

A number of new challenges are on the horizon, as the expansion in terms of football coverage, alongside with the growth of the community and the user generated content production open to new digital solutions to look at.

Key Numbers
Editors using the platform at the same time
Million visits, July 2018
Million impressions, July 2018
Growth (%) from August 2016 to June 2018