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When The World is Watching.
Experience. Innovation. It’s why world’s most-watched sporting events trust Deltatre.

For over 30 years, many of the world’s greatest sporting events, leagues and networks have entrusted their live sports broadcasts to deltatre.  Our Broadcast Production group focuses on the design, delivery and operations of a package of graphics tailored for live sports events and studio presentation. And our range of services spans from tools that are used in the day by day newsroom, to live match production for multilateral and unilateral purposes, including pre and post match studio shows.

Graphics play-out, automation, data integration, as well as IT health and management systems are at the core of our proposition for sports federations and broadcasters. Ready to deploy or tailor made solutions empower the broadcast video offering. Deltatre designs each graphics package incorporating the most important elements of the competition brand, ensuring brand exposure, visibility and consistency across the whole set of content created and produced.

When it comes to sports broadcasts, deltatre brings together both the innovation and experience that you need to keep your fans engaged.


The needs of broadcasters, federations, and leagues continue to change. With internationalisation, broadcast feeds require graphics synchronised in multiple languages, and with new platforms such as OTT, VR and AR, needs are significantly greater yet. At deltatre, we recognise the need to deliver without duplicating full operating teams, or to require large CAPEX investments for each variation.

How do you truly scale broadcast graphics across countries, languages, and platforms? With Magma. Only from Deltatre.

Enter Magma. Our Magma Graphics Platform converts live and historical data into screen-ready content. Magma helps tell the story of any sport for broadcasters and enables synchronized graphics with customizations, such as language, format and more. Deltatre has successfully implemented Magma during the world’s highest profile events, including FIFA World Cups, UEFA Champions League and Olympic Games.

It comprises of four main components: Magma Data, Magma Play-Out, Magma Engine and Magma Creative.

Magma Data

A complete sports data management and distribution tool/platform/solution, integrating live and historical data with a single, powerful interface that can be managed from any location in the world.

Magma Play-Out

An innovative, flexible solution for all your play-out needs, incorporating graphics and audio, and supporting your broadcast automation initiatives.

Magma Engine

Today’s fans demand increasingly creative and intricate graphics, so we took the radical approach of building Magma’s graphics and video integration on the Unity video game engine, adapting best-of-breed graphics approaches for use on broadcast.

Magma Creative

Magma’s powerful dashboards give users complete control of creative workflows, critical for today’s lean sports broadcast organisations. Magma is inherently scalable: it is built natively for multi-platform, making workflows optimized and allowing users to repurpose assets in real-time.

Live and historical data converted

into screen-ready content.

  • Remote and Virtual Production
  • Data Integration
  • Tailor Made
  • Multiple Outputs
  • Speed to Air
  • Scalable
  • Distributed
  • Easily Extendable
  • Open
  • Location Independent