Give fans the power to embrace your sport with the best viewing experience. Everywhere.
Amplify, a frictionless, personalised and "beyond TV" viewing experience. Magnify user experience with your content, deepen viewer engagement and grow your audiences as a result.

At Deltatre, our mission is to continually innovate to make sports more entertaining for fans and viewers and OTT is at the very heart of that. We partner with our clients to enable fans to experience sports in the best way possible...their way. Everything we do is focused on creating value for your fans and viewers, delivering growth to your organisation as a result.

Our heritage means we uniquely understand the power of both broadcast and digital in sports media, and Amplify, which comprises of our OTT platform and solutions, is the ultimate convergence of the best of each. Whereas some products just extend broadcast onto digital platforms, Amplify is designed for digital from the start, with every service built to be a Frictionless, Personalised and ‘Beyond TV’ experience.

At the heart of those experiences is our award-winning Diva player, the most powerful video application in sport, with interactive overlays and live synchronized data. It’s little wonder that Diva powers the OTT experience of the world’s most watched events, including the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.


Designed to create unique sports stories, Diva is Deltatre’s world-class, proprietary video platform, suitable for both live and VoD content, but really in its element when creating customized, ‘Beyond TV’ viewing experiences for fans and viewers.

The world's most valuable player. An interactive video platform customized for fans.

Diva combines Deltatre’s video production workflow with our proprietary and market-leading interactive video player. Synchronising real-time data with a premium video streaming experience, Diva transforms the way people consume live content, using cutting-edge technology to add new levels of interactivity. It incorporates market-leading features including live stats, player heatmaps, social media streams, live text commentary, multi-camera viewing, Full DVR with visual timeline, and new features such as ‘Snap Stats’ and live catch-up highlights mode.

Designed for Digital.
Scalable to your needs.

  • Multi-angle
  • Snap Stats
  • Support for 360 videos
  • New Live scheduler with advanced features
  • Multisport API
  • Create a Unique Viewing Experience for fans
  • Enable Users to Control their own experience to suit their preferences
  • Flexible & Scalable video player to suit all types of client needs
  • Flexible Monetisation options
  • Dedicated Video Platform to seamlessly manage video production, editorial and monetisation