No company provides better Web & App experiences in sport.
Your fans connect more deeply and broadly when your owned digital channels lead the pack.

Today’s fans demand more than great content when online. They need context. They need to feel connected. Deltatre delivers the complete solution, from strategy, to UX, from creative to product development to rapid builds, all helping to achieve your digital KPIs. Our best-in-class future-proof digital ecosystems keep fans engaged, enabling a deeper relationship and greater monetisation opportunities.

Our modular platform provides an innovative approach to sports storytelling, supported by live, near-live, and created and curated content. That, along with our depth of knowledge accumulated over more than 30 years, is the reason that many of the world’s most prominent rights holders and rights owners trust us as the critical partner for their digital offerings.


No one understands the needs of sport media entities better than Deltatre. So no one can offer a Content Management System like Forge. Deltatre completely rewrote our sport-specific CMS from the ground-up over the last three years, resulting in a cutting-edge, modern and innovative solution for today’s needs of sport media clients.

Forge is the sport-specific CMS entrusted by the world’s most valuable sports entities.

Our fanatical passion and dedication to sport makes all the difference. Forge provides tools for content providers, creators and curators and is purpose-built for the sport media environment. They differentiate dramatically from general purpose products by providing specific editorial features completely dedicated to sport and focused on different sport verticals.

With Forge, you get easy to use tools that enable you to give your fans the maximum sports experience. And, incredibly, you can stand it up in a fraction of the time compared to other solutions.

Ease Of Use

Forge provides an intuitive and familiar interface where editors can focus on what really matters.


The platform is ready to scale to support big editorial teams covering the biggest sporting events in the world, by providing features such as real-time collaboration, scheduling, workflows and powerful dashboards.

Visual Site Manager

it enables the team to quickly and easily manage the look and feel of the website.

Tailored to Your Needs

Flexibility and extensibility are native in the platform allowing to define data models as well as UI enhancements via configuration, add-ons and external components communicating through API.

API First

Every aspect of the system is driven via API.


Sports is all about "now". And real-time blogging is a critical way to use “now” to engage with your fans. With Deltatre’s Liveblogging tool, you get the features that you--and your fans--would expect from a real-time organisation. Our powerful platform gives you the power to cover live events with confidence, delivering text, photos and video in an engaging stream.

Deltatre’s Liveblogging activates your most passionate fans.

Like everything we do, our focus is giving editors the power to manage, produce and moderate content, fast. And we do it using principles of architecture, flexibility and extensibility that you’ve come to expect from Deltatre.

Seamless integration

Forge supports many ways of ingesting LiveBlogging can integrate in any website in minutes using the Plug & Play widget.A powerful templating system allows customising the layout to obtain a perfect fit with the main page design. Distribution API and notifications are available for who needs more.


LiveBlogging enables direct monetisation by giving editors the possibility to apply brand logo and colours to any post as well as scheduling automatic advertising posts to be published directly in the stream.

Real-time Data

Sport events coming directly from the field can be published automatically to the stream to offer a real live experience. This is possible by connecting the data source to the LiveBlogging Management APIs.

Connect to Every Source

LiveBlogging provides connectors for many sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, MRSS, Forge, Tumblr mobile application, FTP folders and, of course, sport data. The plugin-based architecture allows further integrations.

Curate and Create

The back-office console is designed to help journalists in finding and creating best content for sport audience. A powerful console allows publishing content from multiple sources in a breeze. Editors can also manage multilingual and linked blogs to cover wider scenarios.

The most passionate fans
crave instant analysis.


SportTeller helps you heighten the intensity, during and after every event.

What gives sports its drama? Is it the action? Is it the on-field tension? Is it the stakes?

At Deltatre, we believe it is all of those things, and they are all heightened by the storylines. SportTeller is precisely the tool that gives rights holders and brands the ability to engage fans by combining pictures, video, statistics, text and social content to create a seamless story. And Deltatre’s commitment to sport is again the key. Purpose-built for sport, it ties it all together in ways that help you connect with fans, making their experiences more vivid and compelling.

Whether it is a pre-game build-up, a tale of great players from the past or a game report, all kinds of content can be leveraged in a full-page visual way, with our interactive storytelling solution. Made up of multiple media as building blocks of compelling stories, it offers you an alternative to the traditional article. The easy-to-use backend lets you assemble a single-page responsive narrative, that is highly shareable on social networks and presents various sponsor opportunities.

Stories turn casual fans

into passionate ones.

  • Fast and flexible for simple editorial control
  • Pre-designed general-purpose templates
  • Sport specific templates
  • Customisable templates available
  • Easy to embed into existing digital properties
  • Straight forward content creation
  • Social sharing (either single page or full story)
  • Multiplatform