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Who we are

Find out what makes all 1,000 of us, us.

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Why Deltatre?

Read on for just some of the reasons you should join us.

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"Our company is full of talented people that are all passionate about what we do"

Claire Bell
Global Events Lead

Meet Claire

"Deltatre has supported me in my new career by giving me the necessary confidence, and the opportunity to grow professionally and as a person"

Barbara Sudosi
Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Meet Barbara

"Whatever your level, your word counts and you see the impact of your work every day"

Lorenzo Ferrari
Senior Legal Advisor

Meet Lorenzo

“Deltatre is across all the major global sports events and the company gives you the opportunity to play your part in them”

Juliette Bietry
Senior Commercial Manager

Meet Juliette

"The company is open and you have the opportunity to be on top of the latest technology"

Aliona Maskova
Senior Project Manager | Video Experiences

Meet Aliona

"I've got a friend who regularly refers to me at parties, saying, ‘Oh, this is Pete, he's got the coolest job in the world"

Pete Burns
VP | Video Experiences

Meet Pete

"There’s a great team spirit and everyone’s just really nice and friendly"

Karen Brown
UK Secretary & Premises Manager

Meet Karen

"It’s a really family-friendly environment. They’re really understanding about everyone's individual situation"

Jane Kim
Lead UX/UI Design

Meet Jane

"The beauty of working here is that when things change, Deltatre is really open to embracing new technology"

Fabio Lonegro
Technical Product Owner

Meet Fabio

"You share knowledge rather than holding onto it. It makes everybody grow"

Ant Hayward
Senior Operations Manager

Meet Ant

"I’ve always felt that the company looks at each person as a person"

Sadia Fatima
Manager - UI Engineering

Meet Sadia

"This company has been around for 30 plus years, but within it you kind of have this start-up feel. We have a lot of visibility and exposure to changes"

Erin Gripp
Senior Strategic Account Manager

Meet Erin

"The company is really open and accepting of people"

David Matejovic
Test Analyst

Meet David



Inclusion and diversity at our core

An environment where everyone is included, no matter what.

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Giving back to local communities

How we work together to support charities.

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Is This You?

  • 1. Forward thinking

    • Treading new ground excites you.
    • If a manual doesn’t exist, you write your own.
    • You’re driven to change the world as we know it.
  • 2. Autonomous

    • You don’t need – or want – someone looking over your shoulder.
    • Organisation and creativity come naturally to you.
    • You own what you do.
  • 3. Passionate

    • Forever reimagining and experimenting, you’re relentlessly curious.
    • A career with technology at the heart is what makes you tick.
    • Innovation is more than a buzzword to you, it’s a mantra.
  • 4. Honest

    • Never one to pass the buck, you are accountable.
    • You own your mistakes – and you learn from them.
    • You trust yourself, you trust your team. You’re loyal, open, and you in turn are trusted.
  • 5. Ambitious

    • You refuse to settle.
    • Striving to be the best is your norm – you never stop learning.
    • You set your own goals and you help us exceed ours.
  • 6. Open

    • You have a voice, but you listen as much as you are heard.
    • You embrace contrasting viewpoints, and welcome difference.
    • You’re willing to change your mind.
  • 7. Inspired

    • Whatever stage of your career you're at, you ooze positivity.
    • Motivating others is your secret weapon.
    • You guide, give feedback, and nurture others.
  • 8. Driven

    • You pursue excellence, always.
    • You’re spurred on by – and learn from – results.
    • You make our customers come back for more.



Searching for team players

Why working together is stitched into everything we do.

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What’s in it for you?

Explore some of the benefits employees across the globe enjoy.

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Work for our joint venture with DFL Group

Headquartered in Munich, Sportec Solutions develops next-gen solutions in the fields of match data and sports technology

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Leading innovation in match data analysis and sports technology

Delivering products and solutions that enable international sports properties to truly maximize the potential of their owned data ecosystems

About Sportec Solutions