Alberto Scotta


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: Creative Director

Office: Turin

Year joined the company: 2001

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Alberto Scotta, I’m currently the Creative Director for Deltatre’s LIVE Division and I’ve been working for the company for almost 20 years. I’m based in Italy, about 70km from Turin.

At university, I studied engineering in telecommunications. I loved it, not just because of the subject, but because the discipline teaches you how to approach problems and how to try to solve them. This was important for me and I’ve found it to be so helpful during my career.

In the end, I wanted to pursue a more creative route and so over the years at Deltatre I’ve worked in many different roles, including Interaction Design Manager, Head of User Experience Design, and Creative Strategist.

How did you hear about Deltatre?

I was working in a telecommunication company at the time when a friend of mine called and said, “I’ve found a newspaper article saying that a company that works with the Champions League is hiring”.

I’m such a big fan of football – my parents told me that my first word wasn’t ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’, but Altafini and Cuccureddu; two Juventus players from the 70s. I applied, had some interviews, and they selected me. I was very lucky.

What does a standard day in your life involve?

A lot of my role involves managing people within Deltatre. I lead a group of creatives in Turin, and my days involve running ideas sessions or working on techniques to better foster creativity. Knowing that millions of people use the app you designed or watch a game through a video player created together with your team is such an amazing privilege.

Working with others is probably the most challenging and exciting part because you always have something to learn. It’s helped me in my everyday life because you discover that you may have a specific way of doing things or a set attitude, but all the other people don’t need to have the same approach to achieve the same goals. Everyone works differently. Once you understand that, it opens fantastic opportunities.

What are your hobbies?

Football – at 360 degrees! I like watching football, playing football, playing football video games, playing Fantasy Football. My job also involves creating new innovations and creative concepts for football, and outside of work, I’m the Head of Italy for the well-known video game, Football Manager.

What did you want to do when you were at school?

My dream was to play with Juventus and win a Champions League. This wasn’t to be, as I wasn’t that great a football player, but I always say that if you want to achieve your goals then you will find a solution. It’s a philosophy I try to teach my son and daughter – if you really want something, you’ll find a way to do it.

Although I don’t play for Juventus, I was still able to follow my dream and join a company that works with the Champions League and Juventus, doing a job I love.

What’s the social side of life like at Deltatre?

I was the President of the ASD (the Sport Association of Deltatre) and now I’m the Vice President – I’ve been involved for 15 years. We organize football matches, beachball, marathon running, and social events like go-karting and going out for dinner, etc.

We even got to play at Juventus Stadium! This was through a friendly tournament we organized with other companies. We played the final and I scored two goals – the last one was the decider. It was one of the best moments of my life!

What’s your favorite thing about working with Deltatre?

There are many things that I like. One is the flexibility and the trust they give you to get on with your work. I’m fine working on my own but I also love working with others. When you must reach a goal together and there’s a team spirit, it’s invaluable. It doesn’t even feel like working half of the time because it’s so challenging and exciting. I have fantastic colleagues worldwide, so when we are working together it’s the best thing.

What have been your biggest learnings since joining?

At the beginning of my career, I was a bit passive. However, I learned that if you want to achieve something, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask for it. If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to make your voice heard.

What makes Deltatre unique?

I was one of the first 50 people to start working within Deltatre. Even though we’re now a global team of 1,000 people, everyone helps each other and there’s still the same atmosphere of a small company.

What excites you about the future?

Because of the sport hiatus, there’s lots to be done and things are going to change. We have to think outside the box and take this chance to create new, different concepts that wouldn’t have been possible without this kind of situation. It’s important not to wait – if we think it’s innovative, we must try it.