Andrea Marini

“I’m doing what I wanted to do when I was a kid,” says Andrea. “My friends wanted to be astronauts or Formula 1 drivers, but I wanted to follow my father’s footsteps and work to make Deltatre a global leader.”

The same age as the company, Andrea grew up with Deltatre evolving around him – and he always wanted to play his part in it. It’s paid off – since 2019, he has been recognised annually as one of the world’s most prominent sport and media technology executives for his work at the company.

To shape his path to success, Andrea completed a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s in Company Economics and Guidance at the University of Turin, as well as a two-year master's in management from ESCP Europe Business School. He has also been awarded with a Master of Science at London City University and the Diplôme Grande École in Paris.

Growing up within a family of entrepreneurs, following a business route came naturally, but he wanted to go beyond the surface to ensure he also understood the technology that enables Deltatre to remain at the top of its game. And so, while at high school and university, he worked as an operator gathering data from sporting events. “It meant I learned the backbone of how the company works, including the data and graphics part, which is something that still helps me today,” he says.

Upon graduating, he worked in investment banking roles before co-founding a sports and luxury goods start-up where he learned valuable skills for running and growing a business. “I’m super results-oriented coming from an investment finance background,” he says. “I like to get to the end, whatever it is I have to do.”

He joined Deltatre in 2012, first as Commercial Director International Markets before becoming President Americas in 2018 and Deputy CEO & Group Chief Commercial Officer in 2019. During this time, his responsibilities included building relationships in the US, Americas, and Northeast Asia. He also helped to set up the Deltatre headquarters in Los Angeles, as well as the New York and Tokyo offices.

In 2021, Andrea was appointed as Deltatre’s CEO in addition to his seat on the Board of Directors. His strategic vision ensures the company continues to lead the market in developing products that inspire the twenty-first-century viewer.

We build experiences that are seen and used by billions of people – it’s something special

Andrea Marini

“I always say to the team, ‘we shape the dreams and passions of the people,’ – that’s what makes me proud.”

But it is not just the sheer number of people the company impacts every day that excites him, it’s also the rate of change he’s witnessed over the past years. “We’re in the middle of a transformation in the industry,” he says. “Everything is changing, and it’s going to continue over the next few years.”

Outside of work, he enjoys golf, skiing, snowboarding, and technology. He is also a father of two.