Barbara Sudosi


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Office: Turin, Italy

Year joined us: 2012

Deltatre in three words: Family, passion, growth

Please tell us about yourself!

I was born in a little town near Turin and right after finishing my studies at school, I started working at Deltatre. I was only 22 years old and began to work in the Secretary and Premises Department.

After a few years, I enrolled at the faculty of Psychology in Rome and in July 2019, I graduated in Psychosocial Disciplines. A few months after my graduation, I received a call of confirmation from a business school that collaborates with The Sapienza University of Rome, granting me access to an Executive Master Program in Cybersecurity, Computer Crime and Digital Forensics. From this, I obtained two scholarships.

In the following months, after having had a conversation with Deltatre's Head of Cybersecurity, I discovered a newfound interest on this subject so decided that this was the direction my professional growth should take.

What was it about Cybersecurity that appealed to you?

What I like about Cybersecurity is that it is very much an ever-changing, broad world, where there is always something to learn. There is no way of getting tired of it because things change quickly and you constantly have to keep up-to-date in order to stay current as technology is on the move all the time.

Deltatre has supported me in my new career by giving me the necessary confidence, and the opportunity to grow professionally and as a person as well.

Barbara Sudosi, Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

How do your learnings from your Psychology training guide your new career?

My studies in Psychology are very useful to me because they allow me to understand and interpret malicious behavior; above all, they give me the means to create and design metrics to prevent cyber-attacks. At a company level, this helps me to study the best approach for educating my colleagues about how to use company tools correctly and comply with company procedures to prevent any loss of personal or company data.

How did Deltatre support you in changing careers?

Deltatre has supported me in my new career by giving me the necessary confidence, and the opportunity to grow professionally and as a person as well.

What does a ‘typical’ working day in your life look like?

My daily goal is to make my colleagues aware of the different and possible threats that may exist online. Human error remains undoubtedly the leading cause of cyber-accidents. Therefore, it's very important that I teach them through training videos and learning courses to increase their own sensitivity to these threats.

What was it about the job and the company that made you want to join us?

As I mentioned, when I joined the company, I had just finished my school career. I was really looking forward to entering the working world as soon as I could. Deltatre leaves a lot of room for young people to move and grow in. At that time, it was what I needed in order to be driven to grow professionally. Deltatre acted as the perfect initial training ground.

I was impressed by the company's warm welcome in those first few days, with little formality, where everyone greeted each other with a warm “hello!” Everyone was very friendly. I find that this type of attitude towards each other really helps a lot in communication. I think everything can be simplified by chatting over coffee!

What’s your favorite part of working with us?

Working alongside people from different departments with different professional backgrounds is one of the things that I love the most about my job. There’s always something new to learn. One thing that is extremely important is the changing of the goals for each new year. Setting these helps everyone's chances to improve their competence and allows them to grow and to cope with more and more exciting challenges.

What’s the social side of your role like?

Our team has organized a communal coffee break every day immediately after lunch for 15 minutes. This is a moment we all take away from work to talk about ourselves, our lives, what's happening to us and to talk to each other. This serves also to build a stronger team while smart-working.

What are your biggest learnings since you joined the company?

As far as my old department is concerned, one of the biggest lessons is collaboration and the need to have an open mind when working with people who might have different points of view from mine. This made me richer because being able to work with other people's thoughts can positively influence my own and I end up with better results.

While, in my current department, I have grasped the fact that a challenge always lies behind the next corner. Nothing should be taken for granted. Also, every day is full of potential breakthroughs. This continuous exposure to putting oneself at stake, in a very stimulating environment, leads you to give your best, reach for your full potential and never lag behind.

What is it about the future that excites you?

The continuous development and growth of technologies and threats pushes me to keep up-to-date and to learn more ways of finding effective methods to protect the company and its employees from online dangers. I must constantly expand my awareness to keep up. By doing this, Deltatre can grow and protects itself more and more.

Why should new recruits want to work with us?

Because we are like a big family; there is a chance to grow professionally but also at a human level. These are two very important factors to personal success. Another aspect would be the possibility to cultivate friendships; the company's flexibility and dynamic attitude provide a context for that to happen naturally.

Do you have any hobbies?

A hobby that I've had since I was a little girl has been, without an ounce of a doubt, the handling and caring for animals. I was a volunteer at a dog pound not far from my hometown for a few years. It was one of those experiences that taught you a lot, especially when you had to deal with those difficult stories concerning abuse and abandonment. As a matter of fact, those who know me well know that I cannot live without animals. It's for this reason that I own two beautiful cats.

Another hobby of mine is reading. I prefer the thriller genre, or any novel that deals with clinical psychology, really. One of my favorites is The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.

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