Fabrizio De Cicco


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: B2B Support Sports - Application Support Supervisor

Office: Turin

Year joined: 2015

Deltatre in three words: Modern, comfortable, challenging

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Fabrizio, I’m 24 years old and grew up in a small village in the province of Turin. Since I was young, I’ve been interested in technology, computers, smartphones (when they started to be released), and so on. After obtaining my technological scientific high school diploma, I started university but for family matters I had to leave and find a job. Instead, I began to do a lot of things so I could test myself and my limits.

I wanted to specialize in something I liked to do and so I set myself up as a tech figure, with the aim of becoming a point of reference in that environment. That’s when I changed my life, starting to study information technologies and gained a certification in integrated backend services.

Why Deltatre?

I was already collaborating with Deltatre, but I was introduced to B2B support. I’ve liked the support since the beginning, and I was very excited to start this new adventure. B2B support gives you the chance to see a lot of technologies, to get in touch with a lot of people in senior roles. You can learn a lot very fast!

Support is unique because we are the point of contact between clients and Deltatre when providing production solutions. It's live, reactive, and quick. Personally, I’ve always found it a welcomed challenge, and that’s why I decided to continue my growth in this route as a supervisor.

We have a lot of responsibility, and we must have the capability to communicate clearly and transmit trust. This is a skill! Support also tracks all the tickets raised by clients during production and follow them up until their closure, sometimes working together with project teams as well. We monitor and test all of the projects' production infrastructure and applications, using advanced tools like APM (Application Performance Monitoring), Cloud Systems Insights, Analytics.

What does a ‘typical’ working day in your life look like?

As part of the B2B support team for almost all of the Deltatre production running solutions, I have to monitor and check that the infrastructure and applications are up, running, and healthy. We use different monitoring and testing tools. I manage any tickets raised by clients and proactively react to find solutions.

How did you come across the company?

One of my classmates introduced me to the company because his father worked here. I’ve always been a football fan and the idea of working on major sport events excited me. My first position here was an in-house event operator for UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

What’s your favorite part of your role?

Being the point of contact between Deltatre and their clients, succeeding in demanding situations, and conveying confidence to the customers. I also take care of relations with technologists and with the units/projects (DevOps, Developers, and Team Leaders) on scripting, automation, monitoring, reporting, and application (included video workflows, entitlements, etc.).

I help on Root Cause Analysis together with tech directors, tech leaders and control, and guarantee 24/7 coverage of the entire team's shifts and related planning issues.

What are your biggest learnings since joining the company?

My personal growth, generally in all aspects. Also, my English has improved so much as I use it every day.

What sets the company apart?

First of all, it’s history. Then, the passion which drives every single person that works here.

Why should new recruits want to work with us?

Because we’re a modern force with a very strong history and we’re expanding all over the world. It’s super challenging, which is great for those who want to grow and improve personally and technically.

What excites you about the future of your role?

When it comes to B2B support, we’re growing more and more. When I joined, we were only three people, but now we are 15. We’ve developed our internal processes as well as internal/testing tools and I see a bright future with so many opportunities to be seized.

Do you have any hobbies?

I played football for almost 15 years and I’d be a liar if I told you it’s not had a huge impact on my choices. Like other team sports, it teaches you how to manage, react, and face so many situations that in some way or another you’ll face in your life. It’s helped me so much.