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As we grow, we strive to be the best we can be, which means ensuring that our activities have a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy. How do we do it?

Purpose and giving back to the communities around us are key to our business. We are a global company with offices all over the world and we are committed to supporting social initiatives worldwide and locally.

Each year in our London offices, we ask all employees to nominate local charities to be considered as their Charity of the Year.

The initiative not only focuses on charities where we can make a real impact, but also those that represent our main global focus of inclusion and diversity.

This year, we are supporting The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT), a UK charity dedicated to helping people affected by retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer.

This important initiative supports inclusion, with all employees being an active part of the company's efforts to give back to the community.

We are committed to apply the campaign to all the offices in which local fundraising and team building efforts can provide genuine impact.

For the smaller offices, Deltatre is committed to supporting employees and local charities through matching individual fundraising efforts.

Deltatre also supports:

  • Special Olympics
  • Women for Women International
  • CasaOZ
  • Muindi Semi di Sorriso


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"When I came in for the interview, there was something about the culture of the place. It just felt like a nice place to work"

Sadia Fatima
Manager - UI Engineering

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"I get to watch a day's golf and call it work! The best thing about work is when it doesn't feel like work"

Ant Hayward
Senior Operations Manager

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"I like making sure everything works and everyone feels supported. It’s a very collaborative working environment"

Karen Brown
UK Secretary & Premises Manager

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